What happenned to Wink beauty bar on Vanderbilt??
  • Anyone knows what happened to Wink Beauty Bar on Vanderbilt @St Marks?

    I received a very generous gift card a few months ago but could never get in touch with them to arrange an appointment.

    There is a very vague message when you call them (they say they are closed for renovations and will be open in the summer) and nothing posted on the store the last time I checked.

    I'm not in the area very often so maybe one of you knows more?

    Thanks a lot


  • I wish I did! I miss them terribly... The sign on the window says they will reopen in April.

  • A few years ago, I loved Wink, but the last time I went there (this spring) I was unimpressed. My technician was 25 minutes late for my appointment (my bad--selecting the first appointment of the day) and I was offered no apology or discount for the tardiness.

    If that weren't enough, the shop was dirty. I don't just mean that things looked a little cluttered and disorganized. Everything looked like it needed a fresh coat of paint and a good wipe-down with a surface cleaner.

    I haven't been back after that experience. Maybe a short closure will give them a chance to renew and reassess.

  • Agree - super dirty. I dig the eco-friendly nature of the place but stank is not ok.

  • Anyone know what's going on in this space? I saw construction workers outside it - with the door open.

  • I hope they open up soon, I miss them terribly. I saw the owner at a street fair last summer and she said they were opening back up...

  • According to the sign that covers the window now (I'll try to get a picture), it's soon to be R&D Foods, related to R&D just up the block.

  • We are discussing 602 Vanderbilt. The address seen on the left side of this photo:

  • I heard the folks at R&D are opening a provisions spot, a la Brooklyn Larder. I hope it doesn't cut into Stocked's ever-increasing lunch crowd. If they focus on items like cheeses and sliced meats it could be a nice complement to the other businesses on the block.

  • whynot_31 said:



    This is good news. If they had a cart set up at GAP from which to fetch a take-out order, I would be a frequent customer.

  • I wonder how much overlap there will be with Stocked and/or Brooklyn Larder.
  • As of this past weekend, R&D Takeout is now reportedly open and maintaining regular hours.

    This grubstreet article jumped the opening date, but not by much:

  • Was in there tonight for the first time.  I hope these guys can pull it off, but I'm a bit dubious with the inventory I saw.

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