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Photographs of Park Slope in the 1950s — Brooklynian

Photographs of Park Slope in the 1950s

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My father's 60th birthday is approaching, and I was hoping I would be able to find a photograph of his childhood neighborhood to give to him as part of a gift.

He grew up in an apartment on 11th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a picture of the neighborhood from the 1950s, or better yet, maybe have one in their own collection? Are there any landmarks or popular stores from that area that he would be sure to remember? I've checked out and I am not confident that the tax assessment photograph will be of good enough quality.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • You can go to and search for "tax photos" - that will bring you to a page where you can order a photograph of any address in the city that existed in the early 1940s, when photographs were taken of all city buildings for tax purposes. (I am not sure if this is the same thing you accessed through I have given such photographs to family members, and ordered one for myself when I bought my house - sometimes the quality isn't fantastic because of the elapsed time, but they are still pretty cool and I think worth getting. You can also generally search the municipal archives for photos that can be ordered - you may be lucky and find one from Park Slope in the 50s.

  • Hi, no photos but I have a suggestion. I grew up on 10th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenue and hung out on 9th Street and 7th Avenue. I wrote a book about Park Slope that takes place during the 50's and 60's. A lot of what I wrote is true and the characters are based on the guys and girls who were in the crowd. The book is classified as a novel ( I had fun fantasizing how I wish it turned out) Anyway, if you want to check it out, you can find it at the marketplace, under fiction. Pray To Win is the title. The SEQUIL is also there. Trinity's Lesson...both are print or ebook. Happy Birthday to your dad...John McAuley

  • the Brooklyn Historical Society has a great collection of photos - you should check there

    good luck

  • Hello, While I am older then your Father, and I do not have the photos you are looking for, I can give you some memories to share with him. I grew up on 12th Street between 5th & 6th Aves. Some stores were Loftus Bar & Grill on 11th St & 5th Ave. It is still a tavern but has a different name now. O'Neils cardstore , Neergards Drugs (still on 5th between 9th & 10th st I believe),Belmonts Mens & Boys Clothes, Greater NY Savings Bank (corner of 9th St & 5th Ave), Cube Steak Restaurant & Bickfords Cafeteria(both on 9th st between 5th & 6th Ave), Michaels & Co Furniture on 5th between 12th & 13th,

    Dr Stattman had his house & office on the block your Father grew up on, Back to 5th Ave, Woolworths & Kresge's 5 & 10 cent stores, & a little further up on 15th & 5th, Germains. I know this does not make up for photos but some of it may be enjoyable for him. Tell him an old time Park Slope resident wishes him a Happy Birthday =DB I attended PS 124, PS 40's and Manual which became John Jay later

  • hELLO OLD GOAT!! I LIVED ON 13 ST BETWEEN 5 AND 6TH AVE. Went to PS 124. Best frankfurters were had at Germains!! From 1950-1974. Went to the Globe theater when i was really young and saw the classic Monster movies . Remember 'Mars' candy store on 14-st and 5th? We probably knew one another!! My name is Stephen.

  • Hello Stephan. While you appear to be a little younger then me, we do share some memories! I also went to 124"s. Principal Mrs Hawkhurst. Some of the teachwrs were Mrs. Brown,Maich,Whitney,Post, Mendum,Sylvia, Hudson....

    Germains also had a great Ice Cream-Waffle sandwich. My Cousins lived at the apartment house at 299 13th. Their last name was Scaravella. After 124's I went to PS 40's on 16th st. That was probably gone when you left 124's. When I was 14 I went to work part time at the Palace Meat Market on 5th accross from Germains. I attended Manual Training H.S. later to be name John Jay. :D-Y

  • i lived at 299 13st also.Apartment 3.In the back.Where i could climb down a small fire escape and play solder in the weeds!! My last name is Scaravella.!!!!!! So are we cousins??? I can't quite place you yet!! But the coincidence is profound. Please let us continue this talk!!!! a very very very small world

  • Okay Stephen, My Scaravella cousins were Joanie, Richard, John Martin(who died young in an accident on the job), & Janet. If you are the son of any of them you are my second cousin! I lived for awhile at 310-12th St which was right behind 299-13th. I used to climb over the big fence behind 310 to come over and play with my cousins. When I was about 8 I fell off that fence and broke my arm. My Aunt was Ruth and my Uncle was Carl Scaravella. We moved from the apartment at 310-12th to a private home at 320-12th. My parents were Harold & Esther Carson who died in the early 1950's. Any of that ring a bell? My name is Warren. I moved from 12th St to NJ when I got married in 1960.We have been living in Florida since 1997. :?:

  • WOW. i DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!i am Carl and Ruths youngest son. I live today in the Mountains of Vermont with my Sister Janet(she is 6-years older then i). Richard and Joan passed away as did my Dad.In fact just 30-days ago we drove down to the cemetery in Queens to see my Moms,Joans and Marty's graves. We then drove over to 13st. What a change yet it really remains virtually the same. When i was a boy the streets were paved with cobblestones and the ice-man would bring huge blocks of ice for peoples iceboxes!!. My sister and i have been trying desperately to find out about our Mothers family History(i have much on my Fathers history including photos which i would love to send you) but have no photos of her or her parents.You must have some pictures from those days yes?. So we meeting at this time seems providential to say the least. So your Dad was my Moms Brother? This is mind boggling. Is there any way i can send you our tel# and e-mail securely or can i just wright it out here on this forum. I can't tell you how very very happy i am to meet you......Stephen... PS. Janet says that we will eventually have you and your Wife come stay with us for a while!! I agree.

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  • Stephan, at the top of the Brooklynian page you should see the word, "Messages."

    If you cllck on that word you will go to a new page where you can send private messages to Warren, or any other user of the site.

  • i made a mistake.In the photo my dad is on the far right.

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  • #1 I find your Mother's picture strange. Whelans Drugs was NOT on the corner??? Also the blog would not allow certain parts of your messages as "suspicious" sites????

  • i think my Mom looks Beautiful!!in that photo. She sadly drank herself to death after my 21 year old brother was accidentally electrocuted. As to the drug store i don't remember where exactly it was. Its been 50-years. the Avon and RKO were on 9th street. The ymca also and Library on 6th avenue just off 9th st.If you ever were in prostect park you know there was a little paddle-boat lake just in the park in the meadow.I used to catch tadpoles and frogs there. If you followed that stream you came to the big lake.. What other info did not get through>> Why the suspicion?

  • I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I can not tell you "Why the suspicion"it was on the blog. It was McAfee who said that and they do not give a reason. Some of the other worrysome info is strictly differences in memory. You said you were born in 1951 and many of the things you mentioned in the early blogs were non-existent by then. Neither 12th or 13th Street were cobblestones but 5th ave was. Most people had refigerators by the time you would be old enough to notice the ice man. By 1955 the ice man had converted to delivering kerosene in 5 gallon drums to people who used it in heaters. I am well aware of John Martin being electricuted but I remember it being earlier then you say. As I said, most of our differences are strictly memory differences. I never heard John Martin called "Marty" but that may have been a nickname only used in your family. We always called him John Martin. By the way. I did not say that your Mother was not beautiful in the picture. I was referring to the placement of Whelans on 5th Avenue. In fact your Mother was beautiful, always. I apologize again for any hurt feelings but you must realize that Identity Theft is rampent right now and dishonest people use family history to make loans in other peoples names and other illegal acts. I am not accusing you of anything, just being extra cautious!!!

  • 13 st was cobblestone Sir.I remember the sound the ground made when in a car. You 'are' mistaken about this. I remember sitting by the curb watching the rain water flow down along the cobblestones. And The ice man did deliver Blocks of ice.I did not say he delivered a lot of ice just some.I remember The huge calipers he used to move it. And we used to go around and collect old Christmas trees after the holiday and burn them in a big pile up on the corner where there was room by garages. I remember making push scooters out of milk crates and a board with rollerskats on the bottom There was a candy store on 6th and 12th street.We used to get 'mission orange'soda there as well as a ton of candy.On the corner of 6th and 13st there was a small grocery store.ON 5TH and 13st was 'southbrook farmes' A grocery store I would go get tub butter and my Moms Cigarettes for 26-cents. There was also a fish fry store near 5th ave on 13st. My Mom worked there at one time.Best bag of frys ever!!.Also across 5th ave on 13st was a clothes shop called 'miracle corner' where my Mother worked also. In Vermont identity theft is not rampant. We are honest people. Maybe sometimes people can get too suspicious. Why don't you call? Picking up a phone and talking to me or my sister would allow us to exchange more detailed memory.You can call from a pay-phone and reverse the charges!! I will pay for it. There is no-way for identity theft with this method.. We can have a long chat and square this circle.....Stephen. ps; Carlo A. Scaravella is buried in 'wachula' Florida next too his Mother. Just call the cemetery,or do a google search..

  • I think that before we end up in a shouting match, we should curtail this converstion while we are still being civil. We did acomplish something. I found out I had a cousin that I did not know existed and you have your grandparents first names. God bye and good luck! :-#



  • BunBun (aka "scopehead" or his family member), the anonymous user called "Old Goat" has left the message board (people come and go here; time goes by and people move on or get too busy with real life to want to participate anymore etc...)

    Anyway, you wont be able to reach him via this website anymore. But thanks for your interest and welcome to the message board!

  • Sweetnex - thanks for that info - such a shame because he is my cousin and I've now lost contact - so be it!