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Best Mexican?

So I just moved to the neighborhood (Flatbush and Dorchester to be exact) and there seem to be a million Mexican restaurants in the area. I don't want to eat soggy burritos for weeks as I try them all, so ... What's the best Mexican food in the area?



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    A year and a half is a long time to wait for an answer, and I congratulate you on your patience.    Given your situation, I would go to this facebook group:

    Then, encourage them to join Brooklynian so they can answer your question here.   

    I suppose you could ask them directly, but what would be the point of that!?

  • For poor @xlizellx who has been patiently refreshing her browser on this one...

    Have you tried Cinco de mayo on Cortelyou? That one gets a "pretty good" rating from a Ditmas Park resident I spoke to.
  • I want good Mexican!!

    Cinco de Mayo is the best I've found...and it's not good. The others are worse. There are so MANY Mexican options yet all of them seem to think that hard rice, canned green beans, and unflavored red sauce is a vegetarian entree. It's disgusting. I always thought Mexican was the best option for vegetarians but clearly that isn't the case down here...
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    I like both Don Burrito and Los Mariachis.
  • welcome @scottilla and thanks for the recommendations!
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