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Underhill Market closing?

I heard that the market on the corner of Underhill and St. Johns is closing. Anyone know anything?


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    I have heard no such rumor, but will point out that this is the market known as St Johns Marketplace, and formerly known as DisAssociated.

  • I heard its the other market on Underhill (bodega on corner of Sterling). That building (340 Sterling) has been sold, and the retail lease was not renewed. I've heard the plan is to turn the building condo, and residents are currently being bought out of rent stab. leases.

    Same guy who owned 340 Sterling owned (owns?) the stalled eyesore at St John and Underhill. Upkeep doesn't seem to be his specialty.

  • ^This seems more likely^

  • That would be surprising as they (seem to) do good business. And disappointing as they're the best bodega in the hood. They'll have a new neighbor, at any rate:


  • I think that must be the market, the Sterling one. The person who told me this wasn't terribly coherent.

  • Was he upset over losing his favorite place to buy 40s?

  • it's the bodega at the corner of sterling and underhill. i spoke with the owners yesterday and they told me they lost their lease.

  • Which likely means that the landlord wants more for this site than a typical bodega can afford.

    Which means we will get a new business that can make the payments. While it is an excellent location for a bar, it is across from a church, which would violate Liquor Authority rules.

    How about a bagel/coffee/sandwich place?

  • Seems too small for a bar. From the looks of old photos (and the bricked over windows) that space actually used to be residential, but I imagine the value of retail space exceeds residential? http://www.brooklynpix.com/photoframex1.php?photo=/photo1/P/pheights46.jpg&key=PHEIGHTS 46

    I heard the owner of Blue Marble was seeking out the new landlord...maybe they're doubling down on ice cream :-)

  • ^cool photo^

    Yes, it would surprise me if that space was worth more as a residential unit.

    ...mostly because the building has a "grandfathered", existing kitchen venting system, which adds substantial value.

    For example, Pequena had to go through hell with DOH and DOB to open because it had to meet new code.

    So, I'm thinking it will be something with a kitchen, because I imagine lots of homeless restaurants looking for spaces with existing "kitchen venting", and willing to pay a premium for same.

  • brooklynpix is a fun site. I haven't looked at it in a while.

    I found another one of the front of Espinal Bodega -- yes before there was a store front there.

    http://www.brooklynpix.com/photoframex1.php?photo=/photo1/P/pheights48.jpg&key=PHEIGHTS 48

    The caption is "Underhill Avenue looking north to Sterling Place, 1924", so the bodega building is on the left on the near side of the intersection.

  • Shelves of the bodega are almost completely empty, and not because of Tropical Storm Sandy.

    ...it looks like they need to be out of that space by Nov 1.

  • By the way, my building's super tells us that the owners at Espinal were ready to retire anyway, and are not terribly upset that they lost their lease.

  • they should really get rid of the archaic laws like no liquor near schools or churches etc.. what a load of bs.

  • steveo said:

    By the way, my building's super tells us that the owners at Espinal were ready to retire anyway, and are not terribly upset that they lost their lease.

    Good to hear!

    If you live in the building that houses Espinal, see if you can get us the inside scoop on whether there is already a tenant lined up, or what the asking rent is.

  • I don't live in that building.

  • When I walked by last night, there was a note on the security grate that the bodega would be re-opening on Sterling & Classon. So much for retirement, I guess.

  • Moving East a few blocks for cheaper rent makes sense.

    Hopefully the landlord of Sterling and Underhill has a new tenant lined up and renovations will begin soon.

  • Yeah, but there's already a bodega at Sterling and Classon. Maybe the same owners? Consolidation?

  • Any info on what might be moving in?

  • According to an email I rec'd this weekend, 340 Sterling is on the docket for liq. license approval (#6).

    SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee will meet on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 6:00 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center, which is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).

    B. Discussion of the following new liquor license applications:

    1. Gloria's In and Out #3, 764 Nostrand Avenue (corner of Sterling) – Beer/Wine

    2. MSM Bar Inc., 706 Washington Avenue (St. Marks/Prospect) – Full

    3. Establishment formed by entity Witnez Volcy, 865 Atlantic Avenue (Vanderbilt/Underhill) – Full

    4. Underhill Café and Grill LLC, 760 Dean Street (corner of Underhill Ave) – Beer/Wine

    5. Global Square, 893 Dean Street (Grand/Classon) – Beer/Wine

    6. Bierendelli's LLC, 340 Sterling Place (Underhill and Butler Pl) – Beer only (This may be a beer garden with its outdoor space)

  • Also, interior demolition in the building is in full swing...although there appear to be a few holdout tenants.

  • Yes, I have been noticing that there is work being done on the entire building when I walk by.

    Here's some photos just to make this thread a little more picturesque:

    The listing for the site showed a view from Underhill, and gave some details about the site:


    Here's a view from Sterling:

    Lately, it seems as if local businesses have had great success in securing beer and wine lic's despite there being a church nearby.

  • And the only "backyard" I know of it that little below-ground courtyard (visible on the right side of the 2nd image from whynot). Doesn't seem very inviting for an outdoor space (I'm hoping that's just incorrect speculation).

    It's also a landmarked building, which might impact the prospects for an outdoor commercial space.

    Bierendeli LLC is registered to someone who lives in 203 Underhill, for what its worth.

  • Ditto.

    If the space had a backyard, I think loopnet would have mentioned it on their ad.

    I suspect that they may have meant to type "may become beer garden" by 893 Dean St. ...which I am about to create a post for in the CH section.

  • So what exactly is supposed to be moving in to the old bodega?

  • For additional details, I suspect we will have to wait until Monday, April 1, when they make their pitch in front of the CB8 subcommittee.

  • Not sure...other than the fact that whatever it is plans to serve beer.

    I've convinced myself that Bierendelli is a play on Beer and Deli...and that we are getting a Bierkraft type store for Underhill Avenue (and that it won't have a noisy "backyard" space). Unfortunately, this is based on absolutely nothing... other than my personal preference.

    Also - a little more digging shows that the renovation permits to the building are for 5 of 8 units...guess they have 3 holdouts. And it appears to be a MySpace project.

  • I suspect that the tenants of the 3 units were offered a payout to leave, yet chose to stay.

    I wonder what MySpace's break even point is for payouts in such situations.

    Clearly it takes them (and the property owner) a while to recoup any payouts, and the cost of renovations makes this time longer. One would then factor these costs against the increased rent.

  • Rumor is that the tenants were offered $50k and free rent until the end of 2012 (offer was made mid-2012)to vacate. I suspect MySpace could pay considerably more and still come out ahead given recent sale valuations in the neighborhood (I'm assuming they are going to try to sell the renovated units...but maybe its going to remain a rental).

  • Wow, around $60k total if they paid around 1500 a month.

    I assume the tenants must appear somewhat middle age, stable and healthy in order to be made such an offer.

    ....as a landlord, I would not want to offer someone who was about move (or was about to die) such a deal because they would be likely to vacate the apartment without such an inducement.

  • Arches, et al-

    Just heads up that the applicants won't be appearing before CB8 on Monday, April 1. They have chosen to wait until the May mtg.

    ...this space might be dormant for a while; I wouldn't want to put lots of money into renovating a place until I knew a alcohol permit was reasonably assured. The permit request is complicated by the church across the street.

    Might be time for the applicant to make a donation to the church in exchange for a letter of no objection from the pastor.

  • They are pursuing a beer only permit.

    Monday, May 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center, which is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).

  • whynot_31 said:

    ...this space might be dormant for a while; I wouldn't want to put lots of money into renovating a place until I knew a alcohol permit was reasonably assured. The permit request is complicated by the church across the street.

    Might be time for the applicant to make a donation to the church in exchange for a letter of no objection from the pastor.

    A beer/wine license is assured. The SLA prohibits a full liquor license (i.e. hard liquor) to be issued within 200 feet of a house of worship. This does not apply to a beer/wine license. The 200 foot rule is NYS law. It is not discretionary on the part of the State Liquor Authority, nor can it be circumvented with the agreement of the church.

  • Thanks!

    Sounds like a law that should be repealed, but I am glad there is at least a level playing field.

    A beer hall could work there....

  • Bit of info in recent DNAinfo story...

    "Also in the works is an as-yet-unnamed combination bar and deli counter, where meats and cheeses can be bought by the pound and beer by the bottle, glass, or growler.

    "It’s going to be a deli counter with meats and cheese to sell by the pound, specialty sandwiches and specialty beer," said Joshua Van Hunt of the eatery, which will open on the corner of Underhill Avenue and Sterling Place later this year. "We’re trying to optimize both retail and service inside the establishment."

    Far from the bodega it will replace, Van Hunt said the restaurant will cater to Brooklynites with discerning palates — particularly when it comes to its drafts.

    "I don’t foresee people sitting down and having round after round of a commercial light beer — this is more of specialty beer, meats and cheese establishment," Van Hunt said. "It’s going to be more of a marketplace."

  • I look forward to it.

    I also hope the landlords prune the hedges that line the sidewalk on Sterling.

  • Me too (although I can't imagine they won't). Also hope they stop storing their trash in uncovered cans on the sidewalk (which is conveniently scattered all down Sterling Pl whenever the wind blows).

    Still curious whether this the residential units are going to be rented or sold. Anyone know?

  • This sounds like Bierkraft in Park Slope, which does serve beer and food on the premises but it's not their primary focus.

  • Arches-

    MySpace handled the listing for the commercial space.

    If they are also handling the rehabilitation and listing of the residential spaces, I would imagine it is going to continue to be rental.

    BTW, I recently met one of the rent stabilized tenants who chose to stay. Our conversation was brief, but she basically stated she is never leaving her apartment, and that she doesn't care if they renovate everyone but her's.

  • whynot_31 said:

    I also hope the landlords prune the hedges that line the sidewalk on Sterling.

    As of tonight, the hedges were all pruned to oblivion. I'd like to think that it because of the enormous power and influence of brooklynian posters...but probably just coincidence. Try wishing for something else and see what happens.

  • Yes!

    ...Yet another opportunity to give those looking for an enemy the idea that I control the world!

    On this thread I will merely wish for it to become a GOOD beer and sandwich place, but on other threads I will wish bigger!

    [I will wipe out oppression, hunger, poverty, greed, yada, yada. This will be awesome]

  • Very pleased to hear of a beer and sandwich shop. $4500 rent 3 br with only one bathroom sounds a bit out of control but if someone has the money and is willing to pay that I guess good for them!

  • Unfounded rumor: Beer Table just closed shop in Park Slope and is re-opening in a new, as yet undisclosed, location. I'd be down with a more food-y Beer Table around the corner.

  • Beer and sandwiches - a match made in heaven.

  • Anyone have any updates on this location?

  • They did not appear at the June 3rd CB8 SLA meeting, so it seems they are not in a rush.

  • Looks like they're getting the condo units ready. I see a ton of work being done there today including removing all the windows on the North (sterling) side of the bldg. Looks like there is at least one hold out with a unit on that side that is still occupied as of now. Anyone have any more info on the residential units?

  • 176 Underhill 340 Sterling

    The residential units appear nearly complete from the outside (windows replaced, ceiling fixtures in place), and this ad was updated on June 6, 2013, stating that 2R was almost ready to be rented:

    2BR, 1 BA, $3199



    At some point this week, they have "de-bricked" most of the first floor window openings along Sterling, making me believe that the Beer and Sandwich place that will solve all of the world's problems is on its way.


  • Holy mac, that's expensive..especially when tenant also pays heat and water. Wow.

  • Yeah um that's a rip off. Unless you really really really love grand Army Plaza.

  • Did the apartment rent for that price?!?!

  • I don't know.

    But I do know that Curbed recently did some shopping with $3500, and that if I was given a choice between spending $3500 on the places they visited and the unit on Sterling for a "mere" $3200, I might take the one on Sterling.


  • Dec 1

    Most of the apartments are now occupied.

    Windows have been installed on the first floor, along Sterling.

    Interior work is happening on the beer place.

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    Construction appears to still be slowly underway.

    In the meantime, here is what the block looked like in 1924

    From St Johns, looking North

    From Sterling, looking South
  • @whynot_31 looks like the beer and sandwich place of your dreams is getting closer to opening. 
  • I fear readers may think I do nothing but drink beer and eat sandwiches.

    However, despite said fears, I am pleased to report this place already has a beer lic and can open after DOH is happy.


  • A new thread has been started on the Gold Star opening, continue the discussion here:

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