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Pearl Indian finally opens on Franklin at Sterling

We have been watching a very slow construction for sometime, and I have now learned that they are going to open Dec 23, 2012.

They are passing out menus in the area. Halal certified.

Prices and menu look similar to the other Indian places in the area....

Phone numbers to get delivery and take out are:




  • I'm glad they're open, but the menu is disappointingly in line with the rest of our local Indian restaurants. I was holding out hope against hope that it would be something more interesting.

    My expectations are low.

  • though the Chindian pasta choices are... interesting. we shall see...

  • We went, and were pleasantly surprised by the food. Yes, it's nothing out of the ordinary, but the execution was excellent, especially considering it is opening night. I had the lamb handi, which was full of vegetables and flavor. My wife had the kofta, which was very much to her liking, with a flavorful sauce that evoked more than just cream, and just the right texture to the kofta ball itself. The chaat appetizer was good, but a little stale-tasting, while the pakoras were very tasty. Other tables we saw had some very nice-looking biryanis.

    The lighting in the place is a little off today, with the fluorescent lights blinking nervously as if they were meant to induce a seizure. I inquired, and was told that the electrician has already been summoned.

    No beer or wine so far. Unclear whether this is to be the case going forward, but unless they get a BYO license it's going to be tough for them to charge their prices and not provide patrons with any options for libation.

    Service-wise, the waiter who seems like he is probably also the owner was very nice, and the food came out reasonably fast, with the appetizers down less than five minutes after our order. The food is served in nice traditional cast-metal bowls usually found in higher-end north Indian restaurants.

    It won't stop us from going to Lexington Ave when we really want to treat ourselves, but Pearl definitely has promise as becoming our go-to neighborhood Indian place.

  • Given how long they were under construction, I'm kinda surprised they don't have a nice awning up.

  • We walked by there yesterday and had the same thought. It doesn't give me a whole lot of faith in the experience of the proprietors.

    We hope they learn and adapt quickly, as it is presently our favorite local Indian in terms of tastiness.

  • We ordered some food from them yesterday and it was quite good. I wish them well.

  • I've never seen more than one table occupied here, and just today I found out they got a C letter grade from the dept of health:

    Five critical violations, including "live roaches present..."

    I'm surprised they've even survived this long. I'll give it another month or so.
  • I saw the 'C' in their window, and noticed they put it on a side window, not the one next to the entrance.  Which makes sense to do, if it's legal.  The next day I was walking past, and they had taken it down entirely.  I called 311 to complain, and a couple days later it was up again.  Then recently I walked past and it was down, and a bunch of people were in there eating!  I wanted to run in and say "Just so you know, this place has a C!"  But I'm more of a 311 kind of guy.

  • Im not surprised.  They seem to either be inexperienced in running a restaurant, or simply not familiar with code.  I do however think their food is great, even moreso than Bombay Masala who are so inconsistent in their quality (I mainly get delivery)....some orders have nearly no meat at all, just sauce.  The last 2 orders came with containers that were broken or simply open, and leaking everywhere.  I think if Pearl could get a designer to improve the decor/ambience, and service, they could do quite well.
  • 738 Franklin Avenue

    Yelp readers seem to like it; the place may be empty but survive as a result of a large delivery business.

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