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Community Meeting Re: no Supermarket / Boycott Walgreens

WHAT: A Community meeting regarding Windsor Terrace having no Supermarket… Walgreens says a representative will attend this meeting to update the community on their plans.

WHEN: Thursday February 21st, 2013 @ 6:30PM.

WHERE: Shepherd's Hall (the basement of Holy Name Church), 245 Prospect Park West (between Prospect Ave & Windsor Place), Brooklyn, New York 11215.

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    Walgreens to Reveal Details on New Windsor Terrace Store

    February 15, 2013 8:11am | By Leslie Albrecht, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

    WINDSOR TERRACE — Nearly seven months after the neighborhood's only grocery store closed, Windsor Terrace locals will finally get details on what's replacing it.

    At a public meeting next week, representatives from Walgreens will unveil plans for a new store that will replace the Key Food at 589 Prospect Ave., which closed in the summer of 2012, leaving the neighborhood without a convenient source of fresh food.

    Officials from the national drugstore chain are expected to reveal drawings of the new store, introduce its managers, and field questions from locals at the meeting, according to an announcement from State Assemblyman Jim Brennan.

    At the top of the list of queries will likely be what, if any, fresh foods and produce Walgreens will stock. Neighbors mounted a passionate campaign against Walgreens' move to the neighborhood, calling for a boycott of the store if it doesn't stock fruits, veggies and meat.

    Windsor Terrace resident Steve LeVine said he's hopeful that Walgreens will respond to community concerns, perhaps by sharing the building with a grocery store. If not, some neighbors have vowed not to shop at the store, he said.

    "The hope is still that there will be at least a full service market, similar to the Key Food that was there," LeVine said. "If it's just a few things here and there, that's not going to be acceptable. It's got to be fresh meat, fresh produce, not just the the pre-packaged stuff."

    The meeting with Walgreens representatives is scheduled for Feb. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at Shepherd's Hall in Holy Name Church, 245 Prospect Park West.

  • There's been some new announcements from Walgreens.

    Look at pictures #2 & 3 (the drawings of the layout design)

    My personal opinion:

    According to these drawn layout designs, Walgreens has offered approximately 33% of the space to Key Food, and kept about 66% for themselves… Anyone who ever visited that Key Food knows it was never a huge space (like Path Mark or Fairway, for example). So what is reducing that space for food down to 33% of it’s original size? Why does Walgreens need the 66% when there are already two pharmacies in the area?

    Yes, this is better than no food at all. But it seems like Walgreens’ compromise is for the protest, and not for the best interest of the community.

    Also, look at the plan and ask yourself: Does this seem like anything that should have taken nine months to think of? What’s been holding Walgreens up for all this time?

    Lastly, many of our local politicians (Marty Markowitz, Jim Brennan, Brad Lander) have been very active at past meetings in which no Walgreens representatives were present. These politicians had very brave words against Walgreens when the only people in the audience were local residents opposed to Walgreens. But the true courage of these politicians will be tested tonight, when they must speak to Walgreens‘s face… Will they still speak as a brave voice of the community? Or will they suddenly give in to everything Walgreens says? Or will they all be “too busy” to attend tonight - and claim it was just a coincidence that they were only able to make it when Walgreens representatives could not?

    Bottom line: Tonight’s meeting should be very interesting. Indeed.

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