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Support a local farm. Join a Community Supported Agriculture

Hey Friends and Neighbors, CSA Members, Market Shoppers, and anyone who eats!

Currently it is the freezing cold middle of winter and the last thing on your mind is spring veggies ...Or maybe because because we are in a deep freeze you are dreaming of fresh healthy plant food!

Our winter days are spent looking through seed catalogues at all the exciting things we want to grow this year... (Some new additions will be sweet potatoes, strawberries, additional melon varieties, and a more colorful and extensive collection of heirloom tomatoes...yum!)

Common Hands Farm delivers fresh farm shares to members who pick up at numerous locations in Columbia County, as well as Brooklyn Boulders located on 3rd ave and Degraw in Park Slope. This is a unique opportunity to directly support young farmers raising sustainably grown food, and to full immerse oneself in what it means to have a healthy, local and diverse diet. The produce in our shares is often harvested the same day as delivery-- how could food possibly taste fresher and better?

Something that consumers don't often know is that CSA members that are able to sign up early in the winter months, are immensely valuable to farmers who are trying to buy crucial things like seed and equipment for the coming year.

We work hard to make our CSA manageable, working with feedback from our members we have allowed for a certain amount of item switching so you arent ever stuck with vegetables you dont like. nobody wants that...

We are also flexible with our payment plan and people can pay us in two installments so it is less fi

nancial investment right away. Even if you cant even do that for a couple of weeks, it means most to us to know you are on board. we also work with EBT and FMNP food stamps. talk to us more about payment options by emailing us at

We really hope you join us this year and share this offer with as many friends as you can. If not, share our endeavor with as many people as you can anyway. It takes a whole community’s support to get a new farm off the ground. We look forward to hearing from you! to sign up/for more info, or email us at

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