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1375 Bedford, located where Bedford, Bergen and Rogers come together

This building is seemingly radically under capitalized, and is for sale.

Give its location, I think it would make an excellent restaurant, bar or upscale mini grocery store.

Given enough capital and expertise, it could also be torn down and a new condo building constructed.

A nearby corner recently became an Indian Restaurant and is so busy that it employs 4 electric bike delivery riders.

The upstairs apartments could be pretty quickly renovated. The eastside windows that have been bricked, could be brought back to life, creating lots of light. The building is small enough that it is exempt from rent stabilization.


  • Agreed! (re: "radically under capitalized"). It's current state can only be described as sad. There seems to be quite a few large cracks on the exterior of the building. Would need quite a bit of work, but what a great location!

    Yesterday I noticed that the bodega on the first floor had closed up... not sure if that's a temporary thing or if that means that a transfer of ownership is underway.

  • Some websites are stating that this property is in contract, so I suspect the above photos will be become very dated, very quickly...

  • Looks like they have northern air rights too. Some condos above the roof of the adjacent building would get a ton of sun.

    That said, I can understand the frustration of people in the neighborhood, having homes they can barely afford to cling to being eyed like meat by developers and rich new residents. Someone who can afford a $500K condo w/$1000/mo maintenance can prob afford to live elsewhere. You have to remember... these aren't abandoned buildings, someone lives there. As far as they are concerned that space is "utilized".

    Its def interesting to watch.

  • Mmmmm, meat.

  • It would not surprise me if this site was a teardown. The apartments created would be floor thrus, with 3 exposures.

    CTK, think closer to $700k, not $500k.....

    Four (4) apartments, 1200 sq ft each at $583 a sq ft.

    = $700k. 700k x 4 = $2.8M

    PLUS Ground floor retail income

    At a total of five stories, there is no need for an expensive elevator.

  • May 19, 2013:

    Reportedly "no longer available", which I am assuming means "in contract" or "in the process of being sold to a given buyer" :


    It would surprise me if we didn't see an excavator gnawing away at this building by Oct 1, 2013.

    P.S. It is zoned R6, so what I describe above is totally feasible.

  • July 24: I am surprised!

    The windows of the brick building (the apartments) have been removed, and new interior sheet rock is evident. According to the workmen, the structure will be kept, but the apartments massively upgraded.

    Next, we get to see the gutting of the first floor commercial space.

    Note this photo includes workmen. Literally and symbolically, they are removing the bars from the windows.

    1373 Bedford

  • Here's a photo of what it used to look like, without the weird distortion:

    I'll try to stop by and get a photo of it in its new form soon, but (as of 9/16/2013), I pleased to announce the apartment is now on the market:

    2nd floor unit: 4 BR, 1 BA. $4000.

    Here's a walk thru:

    The one on the 3rd Fl is the same size, but they would like $4300 a month

    ...Because Brooklynian does not take advertising from these folks, I can comment that this is sort of insane.

    Click thru for photos. It looks like it will be ready to occupy on Oct 1.


    I think we can predict these units will be split 4 ways, for approximately $1k a person, per month. It is kind of a shame to see the space chopped up into 4 bedrooms; I would have loved a living room with 3 exposures.

    Next up: Renovation of the ground floor retail space.

    Alternate address: 1014 Bergen

  • If I'm reading her post correctly, Tsarina is reporting that the ground floor of this site is about to become a Benjamin Moore Paint storehttp://www.brooklynian.com/forums/topic/welcome-benjamin-moore-to-crown-heights/#post-582658
  • For $700K you could buy a mansion with multiple acres here in Minnesota. Sad to think that all it buys in Brooklyn is a storefront.
  • Now open:Work on the facade is supposed to happen soon. As a result of being a paint store, I assume he will be able to get some knowledgeable contractors.
  • The mural cannot possible help sell paint unless you are thinking of red white or blue. Why here?
  • The artists wanted a nice, big, visible wall and the owner agreed to let them use his wall.

    Hence, it is here.
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    They may have also agreed to buy the paint from his store.
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