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Crown Heights West Zoning and Naming Fun!

Dept of City Planning's report, complete with lots of snazzy photos and maps:

Just the photos and graphs please:

The map that gives you the most info in the least amount of time:

Brownstoner's article on said report:

The City Planning Commission yesterday said it is moving ahead with the process to contextually rezone a portion of western Crown Heights, at the request of Community Board Eight. (Take note, those of you obsessed with new neighborhood names: DCP is officially calling this Crown Heights West.) The proposed rezoning will encompass 55 blocks with the aim of preserving their historic character, promoting affordable housing, and improving retail in the area. The clock on the public review process started yesterday. If implemented, the zoning will establish limits for building height and commercial areas; it will also offer incentives for affordable housing development along Franklin and Bedford avenues. ”The rezoning of western Crown Heights builds on our commitment to protecting the character of Brooklyn’s distinctive residential neighborhoods,” said Commissioner Amanda Burden in a prepared statement. “This comprehensive rezoning proposal, developed in close consultation with the community and elected officials, will reinforce the neighborhood’s historic brownstone and row house blocks. It will also ensure new development is appropriately scaled along the area’s transit rich corridors and provides opportunities for affordable housing in select locations.” Community Board Eight has 60 days to review the proposal. Then it goes on to other City agencies. A map of the proposed rezoning is on the jump below, or you can view it on the City Planning website.

Whynot's Commentary:

In light of the area's changes in recent years, one of the first official lines to seperate and recognize Western Crown Heights as being different than Eastern Crown Heights has been drawn: Nostrand Avenue.

I do love how DCP is calling this a "preservation of Crown Heights' character", while many people will feel it is changing it. :)


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