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Kid on Bike, hit

Yesterday around 5:45pm a teenaged kid was riding his bike (sans helmet) and was hit in the middle of E. 16th between Cortelyou and Dorchester. My husband called 911 immediately and a small group of women stayed with him until EMTs arrived 7 minutes later. When my husband called 911 he was not asked about the kid at all. She didn't ask if he was conscious, bleeding, breathing...nothing. While he was, indeed, conscious and breathing, it seemed so nonchalant. Because it was in the middle of the street cars were stuck behind him on the street. The fire truck couldn't get all the way to him. The EMTs walked as slowly as possible down the block - not a step of hustle at all.

I was really surprised by this. I really hope this kid is ok. I know the higher-ups don't care about cyclists, but this was the first time I ever saw such a half-hearted response in person.

Anyone know if he's ok?

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