New Businesses You Want to See on Nostrand Ave
  • Hi Everyone,

    Everyday I see the "What New Business Do You Want to See on Washington Ave." That got me thinking about what new business I would want to see on Nostrand Ave, particularly between Atlantic Ave and Eastern Parkway, which is closer to where I live. Everyday I see newly empty storefronts, and I wonder what kinds of businesses will take their places. Maybe if we get a list of things people are interested in, we can give it to the Community Board Economic Development Committee to consider.

    Here is what I currently love about Nostrand Ave:

    - some excellent greengrocers like Triple S Market and Green Mango Tree, with plenty of great produce and fresh dairy

    - two full-service supermarkets (Key Food and Met Food) with varied and quality selections

    - Trinidad Golden Palace Bakery

    - Syd's Serious Sandwiches

    - Gloria's restaurant

    - Chris's restaurant

    - Our fresh fish markets

    Here is what I would want to see on Nostrand Ave:

    - A fancy market, like Bob and Betty's or Pine Tree on Franklin Ave

    - A coffee shop, like Pulp and Bean, for quick coffee and breakfast things

    - A bagel store, like Bergen Bagels

    - New sit-down restaurants with a variety of difficult cuisines at good price points, like Mexican, Thai, Korean, Italian, French, a breakfast/diner, good Chinese, Southern, American, BBQ, Ethiopian, brick oven pizza, whatever! It would be nice to not have to go out of the neighborhood every time I want to eat out

    - New bars and evening gathering spaces. I am thinking of something like the Chocolate Room in Park slope, where you can get a dessert and a nice coffee in the evening if you want to meet some friends but don't want to drink alcohol

    - well-stocked CVS, Walgreens or Duane Reade drug store

    - A fancy mani/pedi place or spa where you can treat yourself nicely but not break the bank, the kind of place where you might want to get your mom or sister a gift certificate for their birthday and make them feel special

    What do you all think?

  • The changes you desire will need to fit in with the massive changes presently underway:

    I'll have to think about which ones I think fit, and which ones don't....

  • A sushi restaurant or sit down italian restaurant and maybe a thai or indian restaurant?

  • A decent neighborhood coffee shop for sure. Also a neighborhood bar that I wouldn't have second thoughts about entering would be great. Also a bike shop would be super. But not one that caters to the spandex wearing Lance Armstrong look alike club.

  • Newguy, do you have second thoughts about entering NoBar, and if so, why?

    I ask because that seems to be a higher end bar geared towards the changing demographic of younger, successful artistic types in comparison to the older places on the Avenue.

  • SND_MXR said:

    A sushi restaurant or sit down italian restaurant and maybe a thai or indian restaurant?

    These two Indian places recently opened.


    787 Prospect Pl | Btwn Rogers & Nostrand Ave

    Taste of India

    1018 Bergen St | Btwn Rogers & Nostrand Ave

  • Niahmah has good food but the ambiance leaves a lot to be desired, so I never order in, only take-out.

  • Keep in mind that there is a Rite Aid on St. John's btw NY & Brooklyn Ave. While it is a big dingy, it seems to always be well stocked and the workers are helpful.

  • I'd vote for a coffee shop/cafe and some more sit-down restaurant options. I live closer to Washington, but my boyfriend is over on New York. We end up eating over in my area because there are fewer options/variety in his.

  • I would also like to see better amenities on Nostrand. I find myself going out of the neighborhood for many things. A good pizza place with great italian food would be great! It's nice to see the Connecticut Muffin on the corner of Bergen, but oftentimes, it's pretty empty!

  • Yes, we talked about CT Muffin a lot when it was about to arrive, and seemed to agree that they were locating in a neighborhood where many people weren't going to patronize them.

    As we are aware, a business only needs ENOUGH of the neighborhood to patronize them.

  • I would love to see a nice cheese and provisions shop. Every time I want to buy a good loaf of bread, charcuterie, or cheese I have to hop the bus to Brooklyn Larder or pick it up while I'm in the city. A quality wine shop would also make me, and a lot of people that I know in the area, very happy. When you are coming from the Albany and Kingston area, Franklin can seem really far away (especially during the winter months).

  • whynot_31 I agree. I'm going to try and patronize CT Muffin at least once a week as well as other businesses in the immediate area.

  • faithful said:

    It's nice to see the Connecticut Muffin on the corner of Bergen, but oftentimes, it's pretty empty!

    I've been to that one and it reminds me a lot of a corporate coffee chain at an airport. Plus I prefer to patronize non-chain coffee places. So even though its a stone's throw from me I choose to go elsewhere.

    homeowner, I didn't realize NoBar is a thing. I don't tend to go that far up Nostrand unless I'm commuting. I'll be sure to check it out.

  • faithful said:

    I would also like to see better amenities on Nostrand. I find myself going out of the neighborhood for many things.

    This is my life story.

    There is a vacant commercial space on street level in the Plex on the corner of Sullivan and Nostrand; I'd like to see something a little more upscale go there, like an organic mart. (Yes, I know Associated is across the street, on general principle I am meh about the local supermarkets.)

    A quality pizzeria would be nice too.

  • There's a bike shop called Ride on Fulton, between Nostrand and New York ( And there's a Duane Reade in Restoration Plaza, one block past that. But I would agree that the Rite Aid on St. John's is better stocked. Plus it's open 24 hours.

  • your gal on the go here. Talked to Mitch of Nostrand Ave Pub today. He says his craft beer, 20 taps and liquor bar will be open in two weeks. No later that April 21. As God is his witness. AND he happened to mention that the old Starlite/Metro PCS spot on Bergen and Nostrand (across from CT Muffin) has been rented to some salad bar/deli place, more upscale, not just another arab bodega. The gates are down and man oh man, i can't wait to see what that is gonna be like.

    Back to Nostrand Ave Pub. I checked out the back yard. Its gonna be nice.

    Reporting to you from the corner of st. Marks and Nostrand.

  • Based on Tsarina's excellent reporting, I am pleased to announce the Spring Gathering of Brooklynian:

    Friday, May 10th, at 8 PM.

    Nostrand Avenue Pub.

    I have created a dedicated thread:

    We now return to our conversation:

    Yes! A good little salad bar/deli place!

  • I was walking down Nostrand last night, and noticed a sign on a storefront near Dean, advertising that Bicycle Roots will soon be opening there. They recently had a fundraising campaign to raise money to help with signing a lease and moving inventory, with hopes of opening this spring. So, it sounds like there will soon be another new addition to Avenue.

  • Today's Brownstoner:

    Looks like Crown Heights is getting a bike shop. A tipster sent in this photo of a sign that just went up at 609 Nostrand (between Bergen and Dean), promising “Bicycle Roots,” a “full-service bike shop” coming soon. It replaces a nail salon. Think this will be a useful addition to the neighborhood?


    Thanks to you we beat Brownstoner by 1 day.

    Good job!

  • Looks like times are boomin' for that strip of Nostrand! Connecticut Muffin, the soon-to-open Nostrand Pub and now a bike shop? We're in the right place.

  • I'm fine with the new stuff coming to Nostrand as long as Syd's Serious Sandwiches doesn't have to raise their prices/doesn't go out of business. They have the best and cheapest sandwiches in crown heights.

  • whynot_31 said:

    Today's Brownstoner:

    Looks like Crown Heights is getting a bike shop. A tipster sent in this photo of a sign that just went up at 609 Nostrand (between Bergen and Dean), promising “Bicycle Roots,” a “full-service bike shop” coming soon. It replaces a nail salon. Think this will be a useful addition to the neighborhood?


    Thanks to you we beat Brownstoner by 1 day.

    Good job!

    Yes yes! Yes! Now please be reasonably priced.

  • An article points out that the current businesses on Nostrand are rapidly being priced out.

    Needless to say, it is often in the landlord's interest to have a property vacant for a few months in order to get a higher paying tenant.

    ...commercial leases are traditionally 5 years long.

  • Bicycle Roots has a bunch of "before" pics of their new space on Nostrand. The post also says they hope to open in four weeks or so:

  • bicycleroot wrote: Now that we’ve given you the grand tour, can you imagine what the space will look like when we open?

    Of course, a beautiful store is just one part of the picture. Nothing is more important than friendly, knowledgeable, professional service, which is what Bicycle Roots is really known for. We can’t wait to open and serve the neighborhood. Watch this space for updates to find out exactly when that will happen!

    The writer sounds very excited about this new venture. If he can get his staff to live up to those ideals, I predict he will do fine.

  • The store is moving from Fulton Street after being open less than a year after some lease troubles or something. It was (and presumably will be) a commuter/utility-oriented store. I only heard good things about the store when it was open.

  • Somehow I missed the fact that the Nostrand Ave. Pub wouldn't be serving food. :-( Walking in and finding this out made me really really sad. I just didn't know. I guess I projected my inner desires on their business. Boy was I looking forward to a nice sit down place - with food, simple food, but food. They said I could bring my own meal but it's just not the same. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to eat before I go.

  • I hope you plan on joining us on Friday, May 10:

    ...I'll be getting takeout somewhere on Nostrand and then eating it at Nostrand Pub while I greet people.

  • looks like a new BBQ joint is going in on union street where Liv Cafe was. G.Lee's Smoking BBQ. Hope is good.

  • I'm resurrecting this thread because I looked at my original list of wants and desires and dreams from March 2013, and so many of them have come into being since then! To recap, Nostrand Ave now has a great bagel spot (NA Bagels), two new coffee shop/cafes (Lula Bagel and the upcoming Tinto Coffee), a fancy mani-pedi place (Damselfly), and two new bars (Nostrand Ave Pub and the upcoming Z Bar). We have a fantastic new bistro type restaurant (Chop Chop Grub Shop), a BBQ restaurant (G. Lee's), and Chika Mexican seems to be on its way towards opening soon. I think this is a HUGE amount of change for 1 year. Wow.

    Here is my new list of things I'd love to see on Nostrand in 2015...I'd welcome some of the group's thoughts! I think that one of the nice things about Nostrand is that we have a lot of different-sized storefronts, so maybe something like a paper goods store could actually be successful in a small space (a la the Little Zelda/Hullaballoo/Wedge small space model). Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs, maybe take some notes and make some money?
    • More mid-scale sit-down restaurants with ambiance and a range of cuisines, such as Thai, Korean, Szechuan Chinese, Italian, Peruvian, Indian, a classic American-style breakfast/diner place like Tom's or Mega Bites, Southern/Soul Food, Cajun, West Indian, French, burgers, whatever; I want to eat and spend money in my neighborhood!;
    • A pick-up dinner kind of place, like Lincoln Station with its yummy, well-priced rotisserie chickens;
    • A fresh bakery/cafe type place, probably closer to Eastern Parkway so as not to compete with Richols;
    • A classic NY by-the-slice pizzeria like Roscoe's on Franklin Ave or Luigi's up by Pratt;
    • A specialty grocery store, like Bob & Betty's (though my heart and wallet will likely still stay primarily with the Met), or even a grocery that is like a permanent home to a farmer's market or CSA;
    • A bank branch, other than Banco Popular;
    • A postal services/internet/printing place, like Lincoln Postal (do we have one?)
    • Some middle-scale boutique stores selling clothes and shoes for men, women, and/or kids, including mid-scale/upscale consignment stores;
    • A store selling supplies/homegoods and housewares for DIY-type people -- gardening supplies, canning/beer brewing/cheese making/artisanal foodmaking supplies, cooking and baking supplies, etc;
    • A wine bar that sells wine (if I can't have a nice wine shop because of the liquor license limit, i'll dream bigger, even though this is probably not allowed at all);
    • A paper goods store that sells things like cards, stationary, journals, and hostess-type gifts (maybe like Owl and Thistle, but less precious);
    • A butcher/quality deli, like the old Karl Ehmer's, where you can get a pound of cold cuts or steaks and a good sandwich for lunch;
    • A hair salon like Badlands in Park Slope;
    • A frozen yogurt or ice cream store.

    Any other ideas/dreams/desires/needs? What are we missing? What do you leave the neighborhood to buy or experience?

  • I am updating this to include a new type of restaurant I desperately want on Nostrand...I figure it can't hurt to post dreams. And some of them have come true! We now have a new hair salon (Deck), some boutiques, a new cafe (Meme's), and a new bar coming soon!

    I'd love...

    -- A Vietnamese restaurant, a bahn mi and pho joint

  • I would open a version of Manna's on Nostrand.

    Salads and prepared food by the pound. It caters to all audiences, and thrived in the old Harlem as well as the current one.
  • I would like a friendlier Pharmacy than the bullet proof ones here now. I have to walk all the way to Fulton for one.
     Also wish Garvey's Hardware would get a clue and focus that store so i would not have to walk to Franklin to get practical supplies for repair. Half the time i go in there they don't have the item.
    Fresh salad bar restaurant.
    Stationary and copy center .
  • My great hope is perhaps that Triple S and Crown Friend Chicken on Nostrand between Lincoln and EP will be merged into a Walgreens or Duane Reade or CVS.
  • A Citibank would be nice.

    @crownheightster There is a 24hr. Rite Aid on St Johns between Brooklyn and Kingston which I found very convenient.
  • no duane reade, cvs, or walgreens please. the 24 hour rite aid (with a parking lot) is one of the best in brooklyn. cheapest detergent and organic milk in brooklyn.

    a large sit down restaurant (open on sundays) would be nice in that space. 
  • @Clayfilms

    I would watch the former location of IMOTEP. They may be working on your wish.
  • Citibank has looked at sites for years, but never seen fit to pull the trigger. If a Citibank shows up anywhere it would most likely be on an Eastern Parkway or Empire Blvd corner location. This is not yet the type of neighborhood, where they would set up a branch in a mid-block site outside of a significant retail strip (like the Fulton Street location).
  • I love this thread! 

    Here are businesses that I would patronize if they existed on Nostrand Ave between Atlantic & Eastern:

    - A well stocked pet store. (Paw in the City II carries certain pet supplies, but they are tiny and have a very small selection.)
    - A falafel joint/Middle Eastern food.
    - A vintage clothing store
    - A place to buy Office Supplies, other than the dollar store
    - A shipping/postal/Fedex/UPS store (I think someone else mentioned this)
    - A butcher (right now I use the Carneceria on Fulton/Nostrand)
    - A place to get a GOOD wax job done. (Does Damselfly do waxing? Or only mani/pedi's? Right now I go all the way to Mirai in Fort Greene to get waxed.)
  • Dawndew said:

     Also wish Garvey's Hardware would get a clue and focus that store so i would not have to walk to Franklin to get practical supplies for repair. Half the time i go in there they don't have the item.

    I do not believe the focus of Garvey's Hardware is on hardware. 
  • In my house we want:
    -An excellent hardware store.  The one on Franklin by Union was baffled when I asked if they sold yard sticks for example.  
    -Vietnamese restaurant or if we can't have that, excellent Thai.
    -Comprehensive pet food and supply store with the fancy brands of food like Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo etc. that also sell good quality treats, chews, harnesses etc. 

    I would also like a better pharmacy.  I hate that I want the big chain place, but I would get really excited by a Duane Reade.   We also would love a gym like Planet Fitness, or other simplified place.  But I don't think there is any location big enough for either these two.
  • Re: the gym
    Have you tried the gym in the new building at Lincoln and Utica?

    Re: The pet food
    I think Acme on Vanderbilt delivers to the Nostrand area.
  • re: the gym -- Utica is too far away for me to consider going there as part of my weekly routine. So is the Acme on Vanderbilt. I'd rather have options that I can walk to in my neighborhood. A less than 10 minute walk at that! :)

    I'd kill for a good hardware store...every time I have to put the kid in a car seat to go to Home Depot in Bed Stuy or Acme on Vanderbilt, I die a little inside and feel so suburban.
  • Some of the dialysis clinics and social service programs in the area may relocate in the next few years.

    They would free up some large spaces.
  • I don't want a full service, full cost gym, but even so, Utica is too far for me as well.  I like Acme, and they'll deliver here for free as long as you're spending $70.  I would really like somewhere that I could easily walk to.  
  • It would not surprise me if the area around Nostrand at Atlantic received a lot of mid size stores.

    Atlantic is zoned mixed use, and a lot of those auto repair shops and other blue collar places are cashing in.
  • Well hold on to your hats, that low cost gym is being built on Fulton between Nostrand and Bedford. And those duane reades are on St. Johns, renaissance Plaze and the fulton off Nostrand.  We dont need one one every corner especially since they are on every corner in the city.  
  • Here is another request -- a community garden!

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