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Yogumoo 800 Franklin, near EP

We have been watching the construction on the former "African Hair Braiding" storefront (800 Franklin Avenue) for a while.

First it was rumored to be in the process of becoming a pizza place.

Now, it is has declared itself a self serve yogurt place. Today (May 5, 2013), I took this fine plywood photo:


  • I was wondering how long it would take "us" to get one of those frozen yogurt places that seem to have become very popular....I guess it would be a good addition now that Summer is coming and the Candy store has gone kaput.

  • The part about it being "self -serve" (as opposed to Soft Serve) is interesting.

    Does this mean we will be able to mix and match flavors?

    Are they going to weigh how much I put in a cup, or can I get a little more for my money by making something that is 14" tall?

  • These self serve places are becoming more and more popular. They charge by weight and are banking on you not realizing just how many m&m's you put in there

  • I figured as much.

    ...BTW, this place will fill a void in the frozen ice cream/yogurt PH/CH eastward march:

    Vanderbilt: Ample Hills

    Underhill: Blue Marble

    Washington: None.

    Franklin: Yogumoo

    Nostrand: Bk Scoop

    ....perhaps someone on Washington will realize this deficit.

  • I like that storefront architecturally. It looks like it was installed as an afterthought into the courtyard created by the building around it. It almost looks like a former subway entrance.

  • It's official - I'm NEVER moving out of Crown Heights. Well, let there be a worth-while chocolate store and I might star a family here.

  • I'm pretty sure these stores are popping up like weeds because a bunch of fro-yo machines are pretty cheap as capital equipment goes, and you don't need to train employees much to run a scale. Then you just have those employees sell candy, cereal, and froyo mix for a large multiple of what you paid for it.

  • A few years ago, there was briefly a similar place on Vanderbilt.

    To my amazement, they were open approximately 9-5, M-F.

    Meaning, they were rarely open after work or on weekends.

    Needless to say, the business isn't there anymore.

  • May 11: The plywood that was in front Yogumoo has been taken down, and the snazzy glass and steel store front can be seen.

    ...one can't look in yet.

  • They appear to be using the logo from someone's "school project for a yogurt company" on Behance: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Yogurt-Branding-Yogu-Moo/1258627

    Anyway, the store-front looks great! I was expecting your typical sleek "future yogurt" kind of thing, but the classic look is so perfect for the stone cornice above it.

  • Facebook page created:


    One of the owners of Yogumoo also seems to own a pizza place, Uncle Vics:


    Uncle Vics:


    ...which may relate to why a few sources heard this was going to be a pizza place.

  • A tipster tells me that in addition to yogurt, it will serve the AM crowd with pastries and (you guessed it....) coffee. It will be open sporadically this week, but the

    Grand Opening is reportedly Friday, May 24th.

    --> If you are interested in working at Yogumoo call (917)558-7483 to schedule an interview. Previous experience is ideal but not necessary. <---

  • actually, walked by last nite and they had a small sign saying they're open. looks quite nice.

  • I stopped in yesterday, they were open and handing out free samples. It looks really nice! Very small shop, but a few of those self-serve fro-yo handles plus toppings, coffee, some pastries etc. I spoke to the owner, he said he hasn't set exact hours yet, but is waiting to see until what time people will be out and about. Plus, he showed me the space under construction next door--it's going to be a vegetarian hummus restaurant and bar!

  • Haven't been yet inside but the front looks great!

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  • Its great! I have been twice!

  • I went today. I had a mix of the pomegranate and vanilla, with M&Ms.

    It was quite yummy. I paid $5.19. It was worth it.

    Here's an interior photo from the store's facebook page:

  • went there today too and had the pomegranate with mango. It was quite delicious. I bought some cheesecake for my husband to go and by the time I got to Park Place it had almost completely melted!!! Definitely not a "take out" item....will be back for more :)

  • Ptdlugosz said:

    Haven't been yet inside but the front looks great!

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    On the left of this photo, one can see what the building looked like decades ago:

    Yogomoo now occupies the space under the arch. In front of the flag.

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    This establishment would now like us to refer to it as Cafe FroYo.

    It is no longer Yogumoo.

    See June 30th post: https://www.facebook.com/Yogumoo?ref=stream
  • jeez.  is this a step in the evolution to ultimately be Le Chateau du FroYo?
  • Are they hoping to get a mention in the advertising for 341 EP?
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    Interesting... A new kosher frozen yogurt place was just announced and is opening up in SECH.  For those in need of a replacement and willing to make the trip, "21 Flavors" will be located on Kingston Avenue between Montgomery and Empire Boulevards (the spot formerly occupied by AT&T).

    21 Flavors will, supposedly, feature desserts of all types, including 21 flavors of frozen yogurt, over 30 different toppings, a French crepe bar, salad bar and extensive dessert menu.  It will be self-serve, where customers will select their own flavors of any combination of frozen yogurt, and pay by weight.

    And the most exciting part (for me), the frozen yogurt, which will come in regular, greek, low-fat, sugar free and non-dairy, will be made fresh on the premises.

    They are aiming to open after the Jewish New Year.  I must say, an interesting time to open, just when it gets [too]  cold...
  • Maybe yugomoo will come to nostrand! Happiness!
  • Avi said it took too much time from his other job and family. He doesn't plan to open up another retail venue soon.
  • My kids will be sad "the toppings place" has closed, but this means more trips to Brooklyn Bell which is a win for me.
  • dammit.  this place fills a different need than the regular icecream places in its customizability.
  • Not only is this place closed, there is now a court notice posted on the door that states that the landlord is in the process of suing the renter (Avi) for past due rent, and to retake possession of the property.

    However, those of you hoping to score a commercial yogurt machine from an upcoming auction should look elsewhere:   They have already been removed from the property.
  • I have a friend who's looking to unload a bunch of yogurt machines for cheap.  I think with the yorgurt craze waning (again), the market is flooded with them.
  • The storefront is now available, 650 sq ft, for $4500 a month.

    "An AMAZING location on this is a rare opportunity --- you've been looking for something TRULY located in a prime area at a great price and in great condition

    beautiful glass frontage with wrought iron 

    TRENDY Franklin Ave --- right at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Ave -- 20 feet from the 2,3,4 trains on the busiest street in HOT Crown Heights

    Formerly Cafe Froyo --- this 650 sq foot space is in EXCELLENT condition and ready for a savvy tenant ready to take advantage of this busy and trendy avenue -- like Pacifico's, and neighborhood favorites Winot and Barrio Burritos as well as Dutch Boy Burger."
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    Place next to Barbancino is finally for rent.
  • the place with the piles of stuff, like someone is using it for storage?
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