FOUND: Small black cat with white paws. — Brooklynian

FOUND: Small black cat with white paws.

Found a small black cat on Warren Street between Nevins and Bond 48 hours ago. VERY affectionate and friendly, probably 6-8 months. Is he yours?


  • Please take the kitty to a vet to get them to check for a microchip and to see whether or not he is fixed. If he is fixed it is more likely he is/was a pet.

    You can also put up flyers at the 2 or 3 nearest vets offices to see if anyone claims him. However I would advise NOT putting his picture up and verifying ownership by asking them to send you a pic of the kitty to match up with him as he is rather striking and you may attract collectors or hoarders.

    If you cannot find his owners can you keep him long enough to find an adopter for him? As it is kitten season right now he would have a harder time finding a home so it may take longer. Do not take him to the ACC (city pound) as he will likely become ill there due to the unsanitary conditions and then be euthanized.

    If you can care for him until he finds a home then I am sure several local rescue groups would be happy to assist you to get him fully vetted and adopted.

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