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734 Nostrand, the former site of IMHOTEP

Photo: NYC Tax Dept

For decades, Nostrand Avenue in CH featured a vegetarian restaurant, known as IMHOTEP. Here is a review:


photo: whereyoueat.com

The property changed hands in late 2012, for $900k:


And, soon after, IMHOTEP was closed and interior demolition has since occured.

This thread provides info on what it will become....


  • anyone have any news?

  • I have not seen a request for an initial kitchen inspection from DOH, or request to CB8 for support for an alcohol license.

    So, nope.

  • Thanks for checking!

  • I've peeked in here quite a few times. Initially when Imhotep's closed, there was some work done. They knocked down some walls etc. but it seems like no work has been done in the last few months

  • They are doing work today. They are in the process of installing a new floor and electrical.

    This place is easily 4 months from having a kitchen that the city can inspect.
  • I think I see solar panels mounted on the roof and new techy windows on top floor.
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