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Stocked Brooklyn opening in the former Back 9 space June1

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Local chefs are opening a family friendly dine in/take out spot at 635 Vanderbilt. Their site just went live. It looks like a great addition to the neighborhood. They expect to open by June 1.


  • I suspect you have an interest in the new place, but welcome!

  • Just a friend of the owner and fan of local business.

  • Now (May 29th) in the soft opening phase.

  • it's an open and shut case -

    well, open and shut and open again...

  • Did some takeout from there the other night. The Korean BBQ pork was delicious. They suggested eating it in lettuce wraps topped with their picketed peppers. Is was really good. Also had the Kale Salad which was yummy and my neighbor had the individual Mac and cheese that he said was also very good.

    More than that, this place is run by a couple of very nice neighborhood people who have the right idea for the place. I will DEFINITELY be returning to try some of their other offerings.

  • Plaza Dude it sounds like you may also have a financial interest in the place, but I will second that the pork was delicious. I spoke to the owners Sunday morning after getting some bagels up the street - they were open nice and early, and they recommend calling to see what they've cooked up special for the day. It does seem like a great place and they were exceptionally friendly. Having the wifi password posted on the counter was especially nice.

  • Their fresh capicola sandwich with provolone is off the hook. To me, it tastes like one of the best roast pork sandwiches made between here & Philly. But, if they want to call it capicola because of the pork shoulder being used - "So let it be written; so let it be done."

  • Almighty, what led you to conclude that Plaza Dude has a financial interest in the place? All he did was post a positive review.

  • He just seems very suspicious.... actually we're neighbors and friends. At least I think that's him. We brought our kids in there again last night and got take-out. Meatballs, turkey meatloaf, kale salad. All very good.

    Also, it should be noted that the whole back half of the place is very kid-friendly. There's a small garden out back with just a picnic table or two, and a play kitchen and some other toys. Kids can entertain themselves while you decide what to get.

  • I wish they had more of a selection.

  • Bricktop, the owners are working on widening the selection and are currently feeling out what people want and like. Are you hoping for a wider selection of salads and sandwiches or would you like more choices of prepared take out items? They'd love to hear from you and others either here on the forum or if you stop by the shop.

  • I've been there twice. Had their fresh roast turkey sandwich (big enough for two!) and the mac and cheese. Both were really delicious. And the staff is SO nice. Good to hear they're going to expand their selection.

  • I find odd that a place that offers take-out meals for people too busy to cook, would close at 8pm. It seems right up my alley, but I often don't get home until 8 which means I end up grabbing something at Maya, Zaytoons or a deli sandwich.

  • I agree about the 8 pm closing time being odd. I think they are catering more to the kids crowd and parents that eat dinner at like 5pm. I don't usually eat dinner until around 8:30 pm with work/gym, etc.

  • RE: Early closing: I pulled the owners' response to the closing time comments from Brownstoner:

    Thanks for all the constructive criticism. Being only 3 weeks old, we are still very new and getting a feel for our business and what people in the neighborhood want. Coming from professional food backgrounds, we obviously strive for the highest quality of food and are working out all the kinks.

    We plan on expanding our hours in the fall (being so new, we just can't afford to do that just yet....) and our to-go offerings have expanded significantly since we first opened. Again, we are getting a feel for what sells and what people want. Please check back and let us give you a better experience. We promise we are getting better by the day!

    We appreciate everyone's business and keep the comments coming!

  • Another pleasant meal here. Food was original and sublime, both at an evening meal and today at brunch. Fantastic coffee! Truly pleasant people behind the counter.

  • I recently gave 'em a try and liked what I saw. I tried the BLT, which was a bit overpriced, but nonetheless tasty. Service was very friendly and a nice atmosphere. Didn't try their coffee - has anyone tried it?

  • I think the comments on Brownstoner about this place are obnoxious, and I admire the owners for graciously welcoming comments and feedback- even those that border on insult.

    I brought home a rotisserie chicken and some sides for dinner (roasted broccoli and potatoes), and everything was delicious. It cost about $25 to feed my family- much less than we usually spend on takeout. The chicken was stuffed with garlic cloves and fresh herbs, and was a cut above the typical Latin joint chicken. I also thought it was much better than Lincoln Stations rotisserie.

    Looking forward to trying their breakfast empanadas.

  • Gave a cursory review of the brownstoner comments. Didn't see anything too objectionable. But maybe I missed it? Anyway, i like the idea of Stocked but it seems like the name is an ironic one. I appreciate the need for the business to get its sea legs but they need to start filling up the shovels with items for sale. Lincoln station suffers from the same lack. Would be nice to have a specialty market that was actually full of goods.

  • ditto el syd

  • Dec 20

    This place is in the process of seeking a beer/wine lic, and is scheduled to seek CB8's support on Jan 6th

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  • It's too bad. I can't help but think if they just stayed open a few hours later they might have survived longer. If part of your business model is to be an alternative to cooking dinner at home, you need to stay open past 6:00 so people have a chance to shop with you once they've decided they're too lazy to cook.
  • wow that is really surprising!  at least on weekends, they always seemed very busy during the day.  but i guess you cant survive on weekends alone, and if as others say they closed too early, then its too bad they didnt do something like extend hours to try to survive, vs. call it quits (unless there is more to the story)
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    I view R&D Foods (the take out venture of now-gone R&D restaurant) as being their competitor.

    R&D Foods continues to be open. ...and pretty good.
  • I prefer R&D Foods over Stocked, partly for the increased variety and partly because whenever I went into Stocked it seemed to take forever to get my food. It became a time commitment for a takeout sandwich.
  • Do we have any readers that use R&D foods for a family of -say- more than 2 people?
  • Stocked was open and very busy this weekend. Are we sure they are shutting down?
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    The real estate ad I linked on July 28th (see above) is now dead.

    Perhaps Stocked was given more time?

    Perhaps the landlord and Stocked reached an agreement?

    Perhaps the landlord placed the ad to show they were serious about finding a new tenant unless their terms were met?
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