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Hattie Carthan 2013 Summer Solstice! — Brooklynian

Hattie Carthan 2013 Summer Solstice!

Hattie Carthan Herban Farm

2013 Summer Solstice Celebration

49 Van Buren Street between Tompkins & Troop

June 22nd 2013 1:00pm – Dark

G train to Bedford/Nostrand B38 Tompkins Ave

Admission $20/adults $10/child

2013 the community will gather at Hattie Carthan Herb Farm to usher in the summer and raise funds for our small community farm project. This event will include lots of farming fun for the whole family. We will create and raise a new mural on the farm for Solstice with community artist Kelly Horrighan!Celebrants are invited to a local food Tasting featuring electric foods and herbs grown and prepared by Farmer Yon. Join Farmer Yon and crew as they tend to the chickens, harvest fresh garlic from the fields, offer herbal foot soaks, energy massages and more.

ADMISSION COST INCLUDES? Unlimited Peak Frequency food Tastings*Mural Making * Live DJ * Nature Poetry * Face painting *Harvesting Garlic* Herbal smoothies* Herbal foot soaks* no cook summer demos * BBQ Galore * Freshly brewed herbal beverages * Roasted corn * caring for Farm animals * Bonfire and drum circle * Movie screening after Dark.

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