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Breaking Lease - Need to Find New Tenant — Brooklynian

Breaking Lease - Need to Find New Tenant

Hi all, first time poster. I recently have to break my lease because of changes in job and have to find a new tenant for my great 1 bedroom apartment on the Bed Stuy/Clinton Hill edge. I am wondering does anybody have any suggestions on where to post a listing besides Craigslist and streeteasy. As I have a full time job it is difficult to constantly make sure I am on top of the search on Craigslist either.

Also, would anyone advice asking a broker to help? I have been showing the apartment several weeknights for the past week, but I can't just always be there and a lot of people rented another apartment already before I can show them mine.

My landlord is willing to have the new tenant to sign a new lease with the current price, so it is not exactly a sublet or a lease takeover.

Thanks for reading!