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  • The real estate agent got the cross street wrong. This property, 99 Rogers (and the image in the picture) is at Prospect Place, not Park Place.

    Nice move myspace, real professional! NOT. Wow, if I'd hired you to rent out my commercial space (and I wouldn't) I'd have gotten rid of you by now.

  • Thanks. I've now fixed the cross st in the title of the thread.

  • Heads up!

    An entity DBA as "BK Rogers 99 Corp" has just told CB8 that they would like their support for a full liquor lic.

    They will state their business plan at the SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee, which will meet on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 6:30 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center (727 Classon Avenue)

  • This will be interesting! I've heard (from a reliable source) that it's to be a restaurant.
  • Since posting the above, I have learned that they won't be ready to present on March 3rd.

    ...they hope to present in April.
  • Please be advised that the SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee will meet on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 6:30 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Centerwhich is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).
  • I met the applicant. She said they were opening a restaurant and bar. Emphasis on affordability. She mentioned burgers and sliders. She was walking around the neighborhood with her daughter letting people know about the new business. It will be almost across the street from me. Their other place apparently is a cafe in the morning. I think the neighbors will be very happy with that.

    She and her husband own a place called Brooklyn Stoops, which is a bar and cafe that serves food in Bed Stuy. It's on Myrtle Ave just about at Nostrand. I went there last night I was able to take the B44 home. 

    The bar had happy hour until 9pm with 3 dollar beers, 5 dollars afterward. The beer selection was sort of "craft beer lite" I would say, Kelso Brown, Kelso pils,  Harpoon IPA, Sixpoint Sweet Action, Stella. Nothing really exciting and all lower alcohol beers.

    They were serving food and I saw what looked like burgers coming out of the kitchen, but I did not look at the menu. I looked later on and their prices are good. 

    The crowd was very low key. The bartender was really nice and chased me down to return my change. 

    99 Rogers is more on Prospect Place than Rogers. That location has been vacant for years and there are two vacant lots next to it. I'm glad to see some development coming to the corner. I hope with an emphasis on affordability, that they may be a place where locals hang out rather than a destination for hipsters. No offense to hipsters, I like them too. But since we have Catfish I would welcome an older crowd kind of place.

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    A number of neighbors appeared at the mtg tonight, expressing concern that their sleep and peace would be disturbed.

    The committee wanted to venue to close at midnight on weekdays, and 2 AM on weekends.

    Meanwhile, the applicants wanted later closing times: 1 AM on weekdays and 4 AM on weekends.

    The committee supported the application, with the earlier closing times.
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    How much more business do these places expect to make in between the hours of 2am and 4am?? I'm all for new bars/ restaurants, but 4am closing time to me seems ridiculous. I'm a youngish guy, I like to drink, but man, if I'm still out at 1am chances are that's my last drink and i'm ready to go home to bed. I can see 4am in Williamsburg, but on Rogers (not even Franklin where there's a subway and foot traffic) I don't get it
  • By my count, about 20 people came to the meeting with your viewpoint.   ...they left satisfied that they were heard, and that the committee supported them.

    In light of their viewpoints (and the committee's consistent support of the above closing times), the applicants agreed to the "modifications".

    The committee appears to be getting stronger.    The members seem to understand that if they make an exception for one applicant, all future applicants can potentially claim discrimination if they do not get similar treatment. 

  • the closer a bar and drinking establishment is to your house the longer you will stay and consume before going home.
  • I am down the street from this and look forward to that corner having a business.
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    Permit still pending. I have been told that this space is moving along, and should open "soon".

    New facade:

    One of several businesses to open on (or very near) Nostrand in the Spring of 2015.
  • Any update on this? Walked by yesterday and saw that it was almost complete.
  • Liquor lic became effective 7/31/2015.

    These places usually open very soon after getting their lic.
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    now hiring!

    "New Bar & Restaurant in Crown Heights needs Bartenders and Servers.
    We are looking for energetic clean and well organized individuals. You
    must be able to work under pressure and be quick on your feet. We are
    looking for individuals who are timely and clean.

    We are conducting interviews on Saturday August 8th between 2-4pm. Location is 99 Rogers ave. Please bring resume.

    If you are unable to attend and are interested please email your resume and picture with availability."
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    Grand Opening is planned for August 12th.

    It will be called Brooklyn Stoops.

    As stated above, this is the same name as the other place run by the owners, located on Mytle Ave.

  • Appears that they are still completing work on it.
  • Edit: "Now SUPPOSED to be open."
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    It's open now. It appears that food won't be available  for a few weeks, but the bar is operating. Will definitely stop in for a drink sometime this week. Hope they do okay. 
  • I did my part this evening, and had 2 beers here.

    It is decorated much like Washington Commons (indestructible) and is much larger than I thought it would be.

    There was lots of open space at 9:30 PM tonight, a Friday. Food not yet available.

    However, I think this place will fill up as it is discovered and the area buildings with the dumpsters in front of them fill with new residents.

    World's worst cell phone photos:

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    Garage doors are in use for windows

  • I have had heard their kitchen is now up and running, preparing traditional American pub fare.
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