Park Slope-Brooklyn — Brooklynian

Park Slope-Brooklyn

There was Ebbetts Field, Prospect Park, & Coney Island, to name a few

Always something to do in Brooklyn, some were old & some were new

To impress a girl you did not take her to the local “ITCH” .

You went to the Brooklyn Fox, Paramount, Albee, it was easy to make a switch

Downtown Brooklyn had the theaters all so close at hand

If one was full you just walked to the next no long walk on the land

Maybe your Church was having a dance, well supervised for sure

If someone really misbehaved they were quickly shown the door

The memories of growing up were great in Park Slope

Even if you were broke, you did not give up hope

If nothing else your friends were around so hang out and brag aloud

Of all your conquests true or false, it made no difference to your crowd

And so I salute the neighborhood so grand

The slope should be saluted very loud with a band!!!

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