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responsible PH tenants on an apt hunt - tips? advice?

HI there -

I've been lurking on these forums for a few years now. We've been living on the corner of Sterling and Washington since 2009 and we are head over heels for the neighborhood. Our landlord has decided to sell our apartment and has given us a few months to find a new place.

We're looking for a 2-bedroom and our maximum budget is 2,000. Our previous landlord can give us excellent references. We'd be willing to move east, but we both go to the Crunch on Flatbush and take the Q to work, so the closer we can stay to Prospect Heights the better.

Could anyone:

a) recommend a good broker with listings in the neighborhood?

b) recommend buildings with a good reputation and several rental units so that I can try to contact the management companies?

or c) *fingers so tightly crossed* put us in touch with someone who is looking to rent their apartment/ find someone to take over their lease anytime in the next 3/4 months?

Thank you to anyone who can help!


  • nobody?

    I've been scouring the rental listings and it's shocking how much the rent has gone up in the past few years. Is it even possible to find a $2000 2-bedroom in Prospect Heights?

  • Well, I think everyone was being nice and just not saying anything :-k But the truth is no. You'd even be hard pressed to find a 2 BR in CH proper at that price. I suppose if you got lucky with a rent stabilized place?

  • What Mamacita said. That is a really low price for a 2 bedroom.

  • I second what Mamacita said.

    That said, it might be a good idea to find a broker who specializes in the area. He might have personal contact with some of the landlords.

    Rents have gone up very sharply these past 2 years or so and I have never seen it so competitive. For the first time I am experiencing bidding wars for my apartments.

    It is sometimes better to search for an apartment during the winter months as most of the renters fight for apartments during the summer. Also make sure that you have all your paperwork in order (if you get a broker he will assist you).

    You might also want to look at other area's of brooklyn that are cheaper. I believe that bayridge is a great place to live (however, the commute to the city might take a little longer). Its very safe and has some great restaurants and bars. Additionally, its one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Brooklyn and you can easily find a great 2 bedroom in your price range.

    good luck

  • Thank you all for the advice! We'll try and move as late as we can, so miss the summer frenzy. I've found a couple listings for places on washington and classon that are within our $2200 absolute max, so hope springs eternal.

    Can anyone recommend a broker that specializes in the area?

    Landlord, how do you list your apartments?

    I've heard the washington realty people are best avoided - true?

  • because the market is so crazy, realty agents presently tend to have apartments spread out, as opposed to in one specific neighborhood.

    That said, I know this agent and would trust her:

  • Laura - I used to list my apartments on craigslist but as Park slope got more and more popular, the responses have been more then I could handle. I now leave the keys to an apartment with a local real estate broker and he gets the tenant and takes care of the paper work.

    giving the apartment to a broker helps me in a few ways:

    1. they do all the credit/income i don't have to

    2. they show the apartment and answer all the questions

    3. they rent the apartments much faster then i used to

    4. they are free to the landlord

  • I used to live in the patio gardens in Prospect Lefferts gardens. The apts were huge, Its a Trump building (Fred) (Donnie used to ride his bike in the garage. HThe higher up you go the better the views, I looked out over the BBG and the Park. Its right on the Q train. Its represented by abba realty. Last time I checked they were costing a months rent fee. They have some other building here in Crown Heights. Supply is really low.

  • Thank you very much for your help, all! It's a pleasure to have good neighbors.

  • So, did you find it?
  • nope! oh well... I moved to New York Avenue and my friend is still looking for an affordable studio/one-bed in crown heights/bedstuy/prospect lefferts/ditmas(if anyone happens to know of one...) 
  • What's affordable to one may not be to another. What price range is he/she looking at.
  • Very true - especially with the Brooklyn rental market as insane as it is. She's looking with $1,350 as her upper limit, and she can move any time between now and October. If anyone has any leads or is looking for an extremely responsible tenant with good references, let me know!  
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