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4th Ave and 23 / 24th, neighborhood input?

Hi. Any input on this Sunset Park neighborhood? I have a college age daughter considering an apartment-share in the large complex between 23rd and 24th on 4th Ave. She's asked me to help her gather info. She has been living in Crown Heights near Park/Rogers. Any input on the neighborhood or the complex itself is appreciated. Thanks!


  • Don't know the complex but I have been around that area. During the day I'd feel safe there and at night I'd feel fine as long as I kept my phone in my purse and my headphone off. Basically, don't act careless, which I'm sure she already knows this from living in Crown Heights.

    The area is very close to the south park slope scene (new bars, good eats) and right next to the R train (though it is not running in some parts for the next 14 months due to upgrades -see MTA site.) It's not totally gentrified, but you'd be surprised how many young people are moving to the area because it is affordable.

    If she found a great rental and she doesn't mind the R-train hassle for the next 14 months, she should go for it. Of course, she should always go visit the apartment and the nabe both during the day and AT NIGHT to see how she feels about it.

    If I may ask, how much is rental?

  • I had a couple that moved out of my park slope brownstone for 4th and 23ed. For the same amount in rent they were able to get a larger space. In speaking with them recently they stated that they like there new place but miss all that park slope had to offer. As mentioned earlier, its close to south park slope which is in the process of gentrification. 4th avenue is a busy 6 lane thoroughfare and might be a bit noisy. If she was my daughter, I would not have an issue with her living there.

  • To "landlord" I might add that gentrification is not always such an amazing thing. It can sometimes lead to economically disadvantaged long time residents being priced out of their apartments due to deep pocketed newcomers who can afford high market rate rents.

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