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NYPD Tow Trucks Parade

Anyone know what is going on with all the NYPD tow trucks by the CH/PH border? I just saw maybe 10-15 trucks in a row on Grand and then Washington and they have been been stopping and towing certain cars. They have been out for a while now. It is a bit of a spectacle to see so many tow trucks in a row.


  • Are the cars getting towed all doing something such as all parked in front of hydrants or double parked? Sounds like a crackdown of some kind.

  • Stopping and towing cars with drivers? Or the trucks are stopping and then towing cars? There's been road work going on around us in Park Slope and the city clears the block of cars for that but I've seen signs for it each time so far.

  • They were in a long train, deliberately blocking traffic and running red lights so they could all be in a long procession and picking out cars to tow. They towed one parked legally on Washington by St Marks and one of the crashed cars in front of one of the body shops by Grand. I also saw them earlier on my way to the gym way down the road but I wasn't really paying attention then. Definitely looked like a crackdown of some sort.

  • Here is a pic. You can see 4 in a row here plus the bumper of a 5th but the line went on and on.

  • It would not surprise me if the long tolerated practice of parking cars in need of repair, and/or lacking registration was no longer tolerated in front of the auto body shops in light of 1000 Dean and other soon-to-open developments.

  • Yeah it's a crackdown blitz all right. The legally parked car probably had some unpaid tickets. I for one won't shed any tears if the city no longer tolerates the parking of junker cars on the street.

  • As property values increase in the area, I believe the next moves by the city are predictable:

    1. Continue to tow cars that aren't registered, are obviously derelict, and/or have outstanding tickets.

    2. Send out the Dept of Sanitation and Department of Buildings to ticket building owners who have broken sidewalks, rats or litter.

  • The IBO just released a report of where the city collects the most fines.


    Spoiler alert: Parking tickets

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