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Sara Gonzalez - 38th Council District

She completely no-showed at a local debate yesterday against Carlos Menchaca. If I wasn't 90% leaning toward not voting to reelect her, I'm 100% now. I found that to be insulting and rather cowardly. With all the issues at hand these days to miss a chance to connect with y our district however small the forum is inexcusable.


  • I am curious about the entities behind all the anti-Menchaca mailings and the anti-Gonzalez mailings. This primary has always been a snoozer, but this year it is surprisingly nasty - and some of the flyers don't have the sponsoring party's name. What am I missing here?

  • I will not support Gonzalez since she defied the term-limits law and served an illegal term.

  • Update - Sara Gonzalez gone and Carlos Menchaca WINS! Excellent!

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