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Vintage 10-Speed Road Bike for Sale

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Hey everyone! With a baby on the way, we need to get rid of some of our bikes. I'm selling my 1960s Atala Gran Prix.

It's a period-correct beauty sporting vintage Campagnolo hubs and handsome lugs. The vintage Italian road bike is great for someone around 5'7"--5'10" (55cm/21"; the wheels are 27"). It just received a fresh tuneup and new brakes ($100+), and the index shifters are in prime working order. It's ready to ride out the door.

The paint job is scuffed (40-plus years of city riding will do that to a paint job), but the frame is in great shape. They don't make bikes like these any more. It's built to last.

It's listed at $275, but I'm happy to make a deal. Oh, and I'm in Prospect/Crown Heights.

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