The Agent You Choose Will Determine The Results You Get. — Brooklynian

The Agent You Choose Will Determine The Results You Get.

As you may already know, more than 96% of today's real estate transactions originate online. Therefore, wouldn't it make sense to list your property with a Realtor that has a REAL online presence? Unfortunately, many property owners choose their agent solely based on the amount of commission that agent is willing to work for. How about you remind yourself of the old saying, “You get what you pay for”? An agent that agrees to sell your property for anything less than 5% commission will probably slap a sign in front of your property and wait around in his office for calls. That means that the only one who will know your property is for sale will be the person who walks by the property and takes the time off from texting, driving or rushing to the train in order to look up, take down the agent’s name and phone number and call if they remember to call. How many times have you written something down with the intention of following up on it, only to forget and find that note days, weeks or months later?

While we do place a sign in front of your property (should you choose to do that), we also focus on many more ways to get your property in front of potential buyers. My team photographs your property in its best setting and lighting. We send out an email blast to other agents who work in the area and let them know about this HOT NEW LISTING. We contact the buyers who have walked through our office and expressed interest in purchasing something in your area. We don’t just dump your property on Craigslist and pray for an answer from the CL gods. We are proactive. We place your property on our local and national MLS, as well as on,,, Trulia, Zillow, Movato, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, Yahoo Real Estate, and over 100 other sites. We advertise in LOCAL and citywide papers (not the most effective form of advertising these days but it still generates a little traffic). Finally, we plan open houses, blast a flyer campaign, hit up all the local bulletin boards and push your property as if it is the one and only available listing in the entire country!

Now others may say they are prepared to do the same, and that is when I want you to go online, Google my full name in quotation marks “George L. Rosario”, and do the same with their names. Do it with their company as well. Google their company and then Google Coldwell Banker! We are not worried. We prefer working with sellers who have researched others and choose to research us as well. The Coldwell Banker brand has been serving the American public since 1906. I’ve been in the business since 1990 and my team has over 100 years of collective knowledge and experience. Coldwell Banker supplies us with all the tools necessary to make things move. Training magazine named Coldwell Banker the TOP national real estate franchise in agent training and education.

Go ahead…

Google my name... "George L. Rosario". I'm easy to find.

George L. Rosario

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Coldwell Banker, Kueber Realty

718-628-0100 OFFICE (Queens & Brooklyn)

212-453-8123 OFFICE (Manhattan)

718-628-0399 FAX (24 Hours a Day)

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