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Bergen Street ripped up!

So Bergen Street from New York to smith street has been ripped up. It might be torn up along its entire length I don't know. Any idea why it was ripped up? Also when their going to repave it? Bergen and Dean Streets are critical pieces of Brooklyns Bike infrastructure. As a matter of fact other than Eastern Park way which verges on unbikeable most of the time Bergen is the only east to west bike lane in Crown Heights that leaves the neighborhood. The loss of this bike lane is frankly unacceptable and completely unsafe.


  • Assume the plan is to repave shortly -- DOT was working through the night chewing up the old surfaces of the whole rogers/bedford/dean/bergen interchange.

  • Yep. Prospect Place just got resurfaced a month or so ago.

  • I think they are repaving a lot of the bus routes (Nostrand and Rogers were done around SBS, New York Avenue before them).

    Personally, I would rather detour on my bike to Prospect or Pacific with the thought that soon I'd be able to ride on a freshly paved street, than ride on a poorly paved one, especially one that is shared with an active bus line. The traffic is not so significant on any of these streets that there is a huge difference in safety between Bergen and any of the other western bound streets.

  • park place b/w Nostrand and Rogers PLEASE. The potholes and bumps kill anything with wheels

  • I am sure it will be paved soon. They just did St Marks and it was maybe 3 days of rough road before they repaved.

  • Sadly Prospect becomes Warren Street at 5th Ave which ends at 3rd avenue. While Rogers is interrupted by the Barclay Center at 6th Ave.

    If I Remember they repaved Prospect a heck of a lot quicker then they have berger or Rogers.

    Also keep in mind a lot of cyclists absolutely refuse to leave the bike lanes since doing so will result in instant death.

  • A fair point, but many riders are weaving in and out of the Bergen lane due to the poor conditions of the road surface, and also dangerous. Suspect I will not be the only one rejoicing when the CH sections of Bergen are as smooth as the PH ones.

  • Fast forward a month later and still hasn't been repaved because "For crew efficiency, there may be a lag after paving before markings are reinstalled." Ah the DOT.


    "Crews are deployed in such a way that they can most efficiently paint markings based on geography & nearby jobs." This is the antithesis of efficient.

  • And seven months later the DOT have finally paved the Bergen bike lane between New York and Flatbush. It's now better marked and smoother than ever! Unfortunately cars are already packing in it. I can't wait for the DOT to "efficiently" repaint the rest of it. 
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