grey and white tabby wandering 15th. lost kitty? — Brooklynian

grey and white tabby wandering 15th. lost kitty?

i saw a lovely cat, white and grey tabby, lots of white, on my sidewalk. tried to get closer but he/she wouldn't let me, but wasn't super unfriendly. had a collar with a tag, so not a stray, but i tried to look at it she she wouldn't let me.

if you think this is your cat, give me a yell.


  • Oh noes, hopefully someone is able to catch her/him before this weather turns bad. Or it's a neighbor that lets their cat outside, which is just so dumb :x

  • Stop by again tomorrow around the same time with a tin of friskies (make sure you clean up afterwards). If the kitty is ravenous they are prob lost, if it eats more relaxed or just nibbles it may be a pet. Ask neighbors if you see anyone out on the street.

  • I suspect this kitty lives on 8th Street between 7th and 8th Ave. I don't recall the house number, but I often see a similar-sounding cat on the stoop of one particular building. Sorry I can't be of more assistance!

  • i just want to know if it's a lost kitty, and i can help him find his mama.

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