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Switching from Freelancers to Obamacare?

Apologies if this is already being discussed elsewhere but I'm curious about what other freelancers are doing about picking insurance for next year -- sticking with Freelancers or trying out one of the new options on the NY State health exchange? So far as I can tell, some of the new options are cheaper (even without subsidies) and may offer better coverage, but there's no PPO / out of network option far as I can tell. Any tips, ideas, or experiences to share?


  • I am definitely switching. I am on the cheapest Freelancer's plan, about $350 per month. Yes, I get more choice of doctors, but the dealbreaker for me is the annual out of pocket maximum. On FU, it's $18,000. The cheapest Obamacare plan with the *highest* out of pocket maximum is $6,350. That's an enormous difference.

  • Despite your experience, not everyone likes the change:

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