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Small Dog Run in Crown Heights

I have been watching this forum for years hoping that we may be able to organize/create a dog run in Crown Heights. I was thrilled and inspired by our Franklin Ave. community garden and sad to see it abruptly shut down. While I'm still hoping we will eventually find a location and the funds to open a dog run, in the meantime my dog has been stuck socializing at fire hydrants when we're lucky enough to run into friends.

I have a safe, fenced in backyard where my dog plays, and I was thinking it would be nice to have a small dog meetup where dogs could run free in my yard, possibly on a Saturday 10-11am. I am located near the corner of St. Marks/ Classon Ave, (Neptune Diner).

If you have a small dog and you are interested, let me know. If you'd like to join us but that time doesn't work for you, send me a note also.


  • Rather than waking your neighbors with a group of barking dogs at 10 AM on a Sat., or run the risk of being sued if a two legged or four legged friend suffer an injury on your property, you might want to take a 15-20 minute walk from home and check this out instead:

    Good luck either way.

  • Tons of local dog owners head to Mount Prospect. We bring our dog there. Good times, indeed.

  • Thanks guys. I need a fenced in space for my dog, can't take her off leash just yet. Urbanexplorer, thank you, those are some good points. I wasn't thinking about having a large group of barking dogs, just a couple. Don't expect to get a huge response. But although my neighbors are extremely dog friendly,(and a few dog owners) you're right. 10am is way too early to be bothering neighbors. I'll think about what you've said and see if I can figure something out.

  • This is a really great idea. I wish I could take you up on it, as my dogs really need the exercise and socialization. But I have both a big dog and a small dog. I hope others in the neighborhood can take advantage of your offer.

    I've been living in the neighborhood for about 2 years, and when I first moved in, I was excited to hear about the efforts to get a dog park in Brower Park (or somewhere similar). I had reached out to someone running Brower Park Dogs and spoke to them briefly, but then nothing really came of it after that. I know they were successful in getting off-leash hours, but that doesn't really help me (I have a very distractable Husky mix).

    I know the dog park idea has been ongoing (off and on, at least) for several years - anyone have any current information? I'd love to see that happen somewhere in the neighborhood.

    I know it's probably further east than people might want, but instead of Brower Park or something closer to Prospect Heights, Lincoln Terrace Park might be a good place, too (or the area right across from it, where people take their dogs off-leash now).

  • Hey travelriter, I have a ten pound little terrier mutt and live on St Marks at Classon as well. Any luck organizing a doggie meetup?

  • Hi Travelriter,

    I live on Classon and Lincoln and have 2 very friendly, playful young Terrier/Chihuahua mixes. I love your idea and would definitely welcome some kind of meetup where all the pups could run around and get some energy out in a safe, enclosed outdoor space. So, please reach out if you'd like to give it a.whirl. It sounds fun. Thanks so much!

  • Anything ever come of this? Wilford is definitely not getting enough exercise in this nasty weather.
  • Bumping this thread because I'm interested too. We have a small pitbull and discussed trying to find a place with another small pitbull owner. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Are you thinking of a designated area of Brower Park? I would be against that.
  • I'm so sorry! I did not know there were messages here and I haven't been on Brooklynian much in awhile. I am still open to having small dogs over, but Saturdays no longer work for me. If anyone is still interested please let me know what times might work for you and maybe we can have a small dog get together in my backyard sometime.
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