Corner of Franklin Union
  • specifically directy @ Mr. Whynot:

    you know the rumor you posted that a sizeable entity was interested in the corner shops, provided the bodega was willing to vacate?

    just walked by last nite-- they've moved to president street.

    and speculation in 3,2,......

  • talk to me.

  • Who is "they" that are moving to President St.?

  • 820 Franklin

    A few months ago, I had heard that a large restaurant/bar was in conversations with the landlord that controls the storefront on the west side of Franklin, between EP and Union.

    The entity can not be named by me.

    Terekete seems to be stating that this entity is now considering similarly large space on President.

    It is clear that "they" are very interested in Crown Heights, but it is not clear whether they will find a place that meets their preferences.

  • There are 3 small store fronts on Franklin, between President and Carroll that have been vacant for years. They are all in a row and would make one large space assuming they could be combined. TeReKeTe, is that what you are referring too?

  • Speaking of this area... i noticed that Nino's rebranding of themselves has happened online but not in real life.

  • I can confirm that the entity that was looking at the corner of 820 Franklin, along with the adjoining storefronts is no longer interested.

    As stated above by terekete, the bodega moved. The corner storefront is now for rent: 

  • I heard the Bob & Betty's/Pulp & Bean team is considering a second spot on that block... maybe this location?
  • I heard the Bob & Betty's/Pulp & Bean team is considering a second spot, on that block... maybe this location?
  • Bob and Betty's owns the former Key Food on Franklin near Union that is presently dormant, and has been for a while. If the neighborhood changes enough to support an upscale food market, they will make it into one. 

    If they get a better offer, they would take it.

    However, they are not interested in 820 Franklin Avenue.
  • One month later, 820 Franklin is still listed on CPEX's website as being available.


    This landlord took a gamble and vacated several storefronts (820, 818, 816), under the belief that the entity referenced above (or a similar entity) would snatch them up and make them one unit.

    As of now, this move has only made them vacant;   The entity that wanted to combine them is no longer interested, the corner location is still on the market:

  • 7 months later...

    820 Franklin is still on the market.

    As regular readers are aware, 2 of the storefronts to its right are in the process of becoming a dessert bar:
  • 10 months later....

    CPEX may no longer be assigned to this corner. Here's my rationale:

    It no longer appears on their list of properties presently for lease:

    The pdf links above are now dead.

    It does not appear on properties they have successfully completed:

    Here's a photo I took of their staff outside of the corner a few months ago:

    Now, of course, it could be that the folks at CPEX are about to announce that they have closed a deal and we are just in the phase that is between the listing and closed phase.....

    But I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a Massey Knakal - Cushman Wakefield sign here soon.
  • In early December a MySpace sign went up but came down shortly thereafter.
  • MySpace = Shawn Mullahy

    ...they seem to still have the listing:

    Hopefully he is able to get it filled.
  • This sounds promising:

    mcpoet said:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that part of the article, which was the whole reason I was going to post  it in the first place.  Good catch.

    The relevant passage: "an entirely new upscale dining concept tenant to be announced shortly." (at 1045 Union, the old Bodega).  That'd be nice, as that block and the block between Union and President has been a lot more desolate (at least on the west side of Franklin) without the old grocery store, bodega, etc.

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