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Do you know what YO YO Bread is?

Hi all, I've been searching for a recipe for many years and was hoping you could help.

I grew up in Bensonhurst, and there was a local grocery store there called Aiello's. Over near the deli counter, they had a store-made bread that I can only remember as "Yo Yo Bread," though as I was pretty young, it may have had another name. This would have been circa 1986-1992.

It was a round loaf with a hole in the middle (as if cooked in a tube pan.) The bread itself tasted fried, though I suspect it was simply baked in a pan with a ton of olive oil.

Inside the bread were little chunks of ham, or maybe prosciutto or salami...maybe all three?

It is definitely not "lard bread," though I do love that too.

Is any one familiar with this bread? Specifically, I'm hoping to find a recipe for it so I can replicate it this Christmas.

Thank you so much!


  • I know what it is. I can't help with the recipe but I think Faicco's on 11th Avenue might have it. You can also try Mazzola's on Henry and Union Streets. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  • Gio, thanks! I'll see if that helps my search at all. the reason I was looking for a recipe is because I no longer live in NY, but having these two new names may help.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

  • I will ask my cousin if she has a recipe and get back to you if she does.

  • I'm very curious about this bread too, sounds delicious. If you find out the official name for it or the recipe please post it! =P~

  • I just put a post on my Facebook page. Hopefully someone will have some information.

  • I know this is late, but it IS called yoyo bread! Clemente's on Ave T & W. 8th also has some great yoyo bread! :b
  • It's never too late!  :-)  Thanks for the info on yoyo bread.  If you ever come across a recipe, or even just a photo of it, please let me know!  Happy New Year!
  • The shape you are describing sounds like Ciambella bread and they do make that in a lard bread style with meat and cheese.
  • That looks really good!  I'll have to try that recipe, but the yoyo bread as I remember it was either deep fried, and baked in ALOT of oil.  Still, thanks so much for the recipe, because that looks like great bread!  
  • I love Yo yo bread, and would eat it all the time. Aiello's was the only place I knew to by it. We put a match to a loaf once just to see if it would ignite, try it and you'll know what I know.
  • Just a few minutes ago I was telling someone about this great tasting bread and when I searched for it on the net, Brooklyian came up.
  • I lived on 66st between 13th and 14th st, originally from Park Slope.
  • Hi Danny! Welcome to brooklynian!

    Man, every time someone replies to this thread I am reminded just how much I've wanted to try this bread. Here we are, 2 years later, and I still haven't seen it around. Why did it go extinct? It sounds amazing.
  • edited June 2015
    Yeah, Aiello's was the place to get it, at least when I was a kid. I miss it so much! It's funny, my Uncle actually stumbled upon this thread and then called my dad to ask if I posted it. I've been meaning to just go ahead and start experimenting with recipes of my own creation and hoping for the best.
  • I remember that bread!  Aiello's had the best deli section ever!   What I really miss is that spinach bread and proscuitto balls.  I think the breads were deep fried as it seems impossible spinach to taste that good!

    Whatever happened to the owners of Aiellos?  Is there another market somewhere?

  • Hey, PS163kid, I went to PS 163 too!  I graduated from that school around 1991 I think, and then went to Dyker Heights for a couple years before moving to Pennsylvania in 1993.

    Anyway, the Yo-Yo bread was definitely fried.  I had to consult my dad on the matter, but he insists they were kind of like large donuts in shape (though I remembered them larger for some reason).  Aiello's had been taken over by another store (I think it was a Key Food) sometime before I moved.  I can't remember if they kept up with the Yo-Yo bread after the takeover.  

    The prosciutto balls luckily I can replicate pretty well, but the Yo-Yo bread is something I haven't been able to find a recipe for.  One of these days I'm going to experiment with it.

    I totally forgot about he spinach bread!  
  • By the way, do you remember what kinds of meat were inside the yoyo bread?  I remember it as being ham, but my dad is saying it was prosciutto and salami.  Maybe all three?
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