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Annoying Buzzing noise Clinton Hill

I live in the Clinton Hill coops near Willoughby and Vanderbilt. My neighbors and I have been trying to identify where an annoying buzzing noise is coming from. It goes off at 1 minute intervals through out the day and night at various times. It can last any where from an hour to all day. It sounds like electric clippers. It could be an alarm or timer. It is not construction noise because they stop working around 6-ish. It is loud enough to wake you and keep you that way. Many of us are losing sleep. Today it went off about 5:30 AM and lasted until about 7. The other day it went off at 1:30AM Those of us who hear it face Willoughby avenue. We can't seem to pin point the location. If anyone can shed light this it would be greatly appreciated. We have posted it to our building list serv hoping that if it is a neighbor in the building they would see it.
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