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Coney Island Cats in Crisis

The Coney Island lots where cats are routinely dumped have become Killing Fields. The bulldozers have rolled over lots full of 8 week old kittens and old, debilitated cats. One day after bulldozing, a mom cat was looking for her kittens after a Community Garden was demolished without warning. Now, the cats are being treated like the Rats that once roamed the Boardwalk.The cats that escaped now have no shelters. These cats are exposed to the bitter winds that come off the ocean and they will either freeze to death or die slowly of starvation. Some of these cats managed to survive Hurricane Sandy – can they take much more? Water freezes before they can drink it and so does canned food; dry food gets blown away or trashed by those with no concern for their lives. I am asking for Compassionate and Enlightened people to help correct this situation. I am asking anyone with an empty basement or space to help with these cats – THIS IS OUR BIGGEST NEED. If you can’t participate physically or by donating Recovery Space, please make a donation to help with the many obstacles in helping these cats that we will encounter:For more information about what you can do to help and to make a donation: If you can do the ULTIMATE and help us with Recovery Space for just 2 months we need to fit 3-5 banquet tables in the room and we can TNR 23 cats at one time!
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