Not everyone who lives in the new western Crown Heights, wants to — Brooklynian

Not everyone who lives in the new western Crown Heights, wants to

For example, this guy thinks we don't measure up to his prior neighborhood
I don\'t believe that anyone moves to Brooklyn who can avoid it, and my current condition hasn\'t done anything to change my mind. I don\'t give a shit about whether a neighborhood has \"character\"; I wan…


  • I guess this is the core of his manifesto:"My rent is a third of what it was, but my life is one-sixth as good. People don't pay that rent in the East Village because they like to pay high rent. They pay it because that's what they have to do ... If what we have over here in Crown Heights is character, give me vanilla. I said earlier that I was subsisting on Zebra Cakes. Even that is an exaggeration. I can't always find Zebra Cakes! Little Debbie would be a step up from the stuff they have in our bodegas; at KFC, they keep the chicken behind bulletproof glass."While it's going to be easy to slam this guy on many aspects of this article, his main complaint seems to be that there is not enough stimulation-per-square-foot compared to Manhattan. That you may have to seek out a good restaurant... rather than having 3 of them hit you in the face as you walk out your front door.
  • If that's his chief complaint, why didn't he move to western Queens, where there is a much higher restaurant density, and is still as (or more) affordable as Crown Heights? Really this is just a "the good old days are gone" type of rant, like the old man who is sad he can't slap his secretary with a bottle of bourbon at the office in this day and age. Sorry your East Village is now overrun with frat boys. I'm sure in 10 years Franklin Avenue will be unaffordable to food writers, and someone will write a grudge article about how nobody moves to Fresh Meadows unless they have to, and there isn't even a good oyster happy hour there.
  • Personally, I'd prefer to live in Hawaii. Especially today.
  • I've been to Hawaii twice and from what I've seen, I doubt you would want to live there. Not a bad place to visit though.
  • My parents have retired out there, so I'm there pretty regularly. In light of the weather here, my father is sending me almost daily photos of the beach, women on the beach, sunsets and the like.Meanwhile, I am crammed in a subway....
  • I think I'd go nuts living there. Maybe we should all move to Margaritaville.
  • There are more people in Brooklyn than in the state of Hawaii.
  • Hawaii is the bomb-diggity!!!Anyway, yeah, this guy doesn't hate Brooklyn. I think that he hates himself for not being able to afford his previous lifestyle. Back to Hawaii - Mmmmmmmmmmm...Poke...Mai Tai's......temperate weather......
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    Though an illuminated outline of the 50th state features prominently on its back wall, no map is necessary to guide...
  • One thing I've appreciated since leaving the East Village is having a proper kitchen where it's a pleasure to cook a meal.Haven't missed the restaurants at all. Brooklyn has more than anyone could possibly need, unless they literally eat food from restaurants every day.
  • The guy who wrote that article is a professional food writer, so probably he does. He still comes off like a jerk, though. And anyone who could cite Rosco's as the local pizzeria "in the Paulie G [sic] mold" when Barboncino was opened by alumni of the Paulie Gee kitchen has lost a step or two in his food-reviewing game, too. Although Barboncino is like six whole blocks from Mayfield and Rosco's, thus I guess proving his point. Sheesh.
  • So let me get this straight. He went to Rutgers. He's a "professional" food writer. Now he's bitter that he can't afford to live in the East Village, and we're supposed to treat his sour grapes as something other than what they are?Puh-leeze. I'm all for Kickstarting him back into a studio on Avenue D.
  • For example, this guy thinks we don’t measure up to his prior neighborhood
    This guy moved either 1. to the wrong part of Crown Heights or 2. to the wrong Brooklyn neighborhood altogether. Then, again, did he end up in Crown Heights because he can't afford Park Slope or anywhere in BoCoCa?
    That you may have to seek out a good restaurant…
    I wonder whether he checked out Saul at the Brooklyn Museum yet.He can probably walk or take the bus or take a train to other neighborhoods to find "good" restaurants...and he probably wouldn't have to go far. (Imagine how far he would have to go if he were in Starrett City.)
  • I can't with this guy. He deserves every nasty comment he got on VICE. No, Crown Heights and the East Village are not the same neighborhood, duh. And no, Crown Heights is not a foodie nabe--despite the burgeoning food scene on Franklin (plus a few newish standouts on Washington, Classon, and Bedford) and despite its well-established status as having some of the best Caribbean food in the country. So if the only reason he moved here was affordable rent, then the neighborhood has held up its end of the deal.
  • Exactly.I like it that we seem to all agree on this issue.
  • Meanwhile, Brooklyn has just been rated as the second most expensive place to live in the US
  • ...and, in contrast to the guy above, these folks seem to really like it:
  • The author of the post in Vice who wishes he could live somewhere else, has now written a piece in response to those who hate him:
  • This guy needs to just stop.
  • This article is actually pretty well written and hilarious.
  • Apparently I'm not the only one who wanted to lock him in the cheese cooler at Wedge or toss him in Barboncino's oven:
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