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good car mechanics?

hello everyone,
just moved here from chicago along with the wife, baby and a 99 corolla. Does anyone know a good reliable mechanic who won't overcharge?


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    Joe's on the corner of Metropolitan and N 6th is really honest. He's had several chances to do a lot of work, and he talked me out of it. I highly recommend the place: the owner's name is Neil (I guess he bought the placea from Joe).
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    To the poster above: Metropolitan and N 6th don't cross; they're parallel to each other.

    THE god of all NYC mechanics is the quiet, unassuming, totally honest Vince of Vince's Auto on S 6th or S 5th (can't remember which - I think S 6th) between Berry and Wythe, just around the corner from Diner restaurant. He went to Automotive High School right next to McCarren Park. He always tells you the truth about your car and tries to save you money. When I bought a German car make that he doesn't work on, I proceeded to get ripped off bigtime by the supposedly high-end mechanic shop I had to go to in Queens. Shoulda stuck with Vince!
  • I think Metro and n.6th meet at Meeker Ave,-73.9545&spn=0.005928,0.009098&om=1

    but thanks for the tip on your guy too
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    On Havemeyer & 7th.

    They did my brakes - in an emergency - at a price that shocked my mechanic brother in upstate CT with its fairness. They also showed me what the problem was, and offered me the parts when they were done.

    They recommended an auto body place when some tool hit my car and they too were fair and did excellent work.

    but the best was when i had to take a long drive (chicago) and was worried about the car. i took it in and said, i'm driving to chicago by myself. can you please check everything and see if i need any work? that's an open-ended excuse to rip me off from anyone else. He called to say that everything was fine, and only charged me $25 - TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.

    there are a lot of good reviews of them on the car talk (npr) web site, too.
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    I think the mechanic coyote is talking about is Harry on Havemeyer. I've been going to him for at least 4 years and he has been nothing but honest, reliable and fair. I was referred to him by a friend who knows a lot about cars and brought him a problem that I was told was a faulty airflow meter, which would cost nearly $450 at another shop. I forget what the actual problem was now, but I know it only cost $200 to fix. I rely on him exclusively to maintain my vehicle and he has always been a tremendous help. I would recommend him unequivocally.
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    Harry's is great but the last bunch of times I tried to go they were closed. Thought maybe they went out of business... But yes, they seem very honest.

    Just wanted to say do NOT go to Two Guys Auto. Scammers. Read my Citysearch review...
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    i too, have been going exclusively to harry's for the last three years. he's extremely fair and honest. in fact, the very first time i took my car to him--at the most adamant behest of friends--he had to replace several parts in the cooling system. when the car overheated again soon after retrieving it, he took it back and fixed at no charge, even though the relapse wasn't his fault. he said, "nope, it's our job to fix the problem, we told you it was fixed and it wasn't".

    on the other hand, two guys? are crooked douchebags. i was only going there for oil changes and car washes. one of their car wash machines smashed my back window. i told the woman at the counter, she was extremely apologetic and said to leave it, and she'd call me when it was fixed. a few days later i called and spoke to the owner who said it was not his fault, i couldn't prove that it wasn't broken when i went in there, and that the woman who told me he'd fix it was "an idiot, she doesn't know what she's talking about". nice. he screamed and raged even though i never lost my temper, but he said he knew my kind, and my little "fake-nice, soft-spoken bullshit" wouldn't work on him (??)
    my "kind"???

    i've seen him curse out employees--mostly polish, so he's got a slew of ethnic slurs on the tip of his tongue.

    a friend called as my "lawyer" and eventually got $100 out of him under threat of legal action but i will never go back there.
  • I agree about Vince's. He's the best. Extremely honest, nice and mellow. I took my car in for something basic, but he knew what the problem was and fixed it in a reasonable amount of time for a very very fair price.

    It's sad to realize that eventually a shop like his won't exist in this neighborhood.
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    Vince is great, I took my Range Rover there for registration renewal etc., it took no time, he was v cheap and thorough. He also reminded me as an Upstate registered car, I dont need the emission test. My friend at the same time took his car to another guy over by Lormier, he had to come back to the guy several times for things to be repaired and fixed and his car was charged the emission test and some other DMV rot. Vince is very straight up and always economical and wont go tinkering around on things you dont need repaired just yet...
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    There are many Brooklyn mechanics rated on This is a not-for-profit NYC only area website. Look at what people are saying about their local mechanics or post a review of your last car repair experience. for the good of the people.
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