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Need a new stylist

Ever since my favorite stylist left Beehive, I haven't gotten such great cuts there -- but I do like the vibe of the place and would like to give it another shot. Can anybody recommend who I should make an appointment with next? (Or can someone recommend a similar -- or possibly cheaper -- Brooklyn salon?)


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    I went to Beehive once - wasn't horribly impressed but it wasn't a disaster either.

    I went to Hello, Beautiful once as well. I liked the cut and the stylist, and the only reason I didn't go back was because I had met the owner in another context and it would have been awkward for me to go back there. (Ego assuming she would remember, but still.)

    I've been to Mousey Brown twice now. The first time I thought he did a fantastic job and i LOVED my hair. I also appreciated that I could say "I'm broke right now but need my color done, how can we do this in a way that's affordable" and i wasn't made to feel like a lower life form. I went back a second time, and I happened to mention that I'd gone back to corporate life (after being a starving artist briefly). Somehow I think he interpreted corporate as conservative, and the hair, while totally fine, is very, very conservative, more than I want or need to be. I'm sure he thinks he's doing the right thing, and I don't know if it's my age or what, but while I'm not a trendy indie kid, there's a middle ground.

    the upshot is that i won't go there to get color done because i don't want standard blah highlights (which is not what i have now).

    all of this should say: i haven't had a terrible experience at any of these shops but i also haven't had an amazing one. i have read negative reviews of all three places, and i do believe it largely depends on who you get. out of the three, i think the beehive was the 'worst', but i should have asked for a senior stylist.

    i think it is worth the price that you pay.
  • It is really??
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  • i recently got a great cut at public. my stylist was alder. and my cut was $65 although i'm aware it's not uncommon to be a bit higher.
  • Marcel at Woodley & Bunny. The absolute best.
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