lately,... :x it seems lately that the meter maids are out of control in the Bedford Avenue / Metropolitan Avenue area street parking, while the City continues to approve all these new amazing condo developments, there simply is NO PARKING and now we are left holding these damn tickets with the alternate side parking. I believe that a Community Board needs to address this issue and that the alternate side parking system for the area between the 1st and 2nd Stops on the L, needs updating given the huge upswing in residents in the area. I am tired of the monthly charges and its not like there are lots of parking garages around here. Anyone else have views on this?

DOWN WITH THE METER MAIDS! Yes I've called 311 a few times to complain about their aggressive 'quotas'


  • Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

    Illegal parking is ... illegal. Get it?
  • you think its OK that people get ticketed in front of dyfunctional/in-operable fire hydrants? apparently 20% of hydrants DONT WORK!!! yet they arent removed! it just taking up valuable street parking! most countries have their hydrants underneath the middle of the streets with an access plate! that people get tickets because the parking regulations arent in transition with the growing neighborhood? it is out of control! it is not quite as black and white as you suggest!
  • yeah too many tickets lately. no car parking spaces. no elected officials listening to residents asking for alterations to street cleaning program...
  • why on earth are you pissed at the meter maids? they're just doing their job.

    i assume since you harbor such strong feelings about this issue you've circulated petitions and contacted the community board about getting the street cleaning regluations changed? Or getting fire hydrants moved to the middle of the street (or repaired)?

    I KNOW you didn't simply get a parking ticket and come online and complain about it and leave it at that, right? Right?
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