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water safe?

I just moved to Greenpoint. someone told me about the pollution in the hood. Is the water safe to drink? I do filter it.


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    guess the agent or landlord never told you .. foget filtering .BOIL the water

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  • Yes, the water is safe. I've lived in Greenpoint all my life and I drink the tap water. To make yourself more comfortable, call 311 and request a water testing kit from the DEP. You take 2 samples of the water and send it out for testing. Costs $10 and it will give you peace of mind.

    Enjoy the neighborhood. It's a great place!
  • My friend who lives there got h. pylori which is something that is due to drinking poluted water. Im wondering if there is any connection
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    The water is fine (it comes from upstate in high pressure pipes) the air is fine (asthma rates in Greenpoint are 50% lower than the rest of the city). But beware of the scare tactic rumors. The NYC Dept of Health completed health studies in 2003 and 2006 available at nyc.gov. Both studies showed cancer rates in Greenpoint (and it specified all variaties of the disease) are no greater than anywhere else in the city and in some cases lower. Asthma rates were 50% lower than the rest of the city. The rare sarcoma cancer cases that were found on Devoe Street and Grand Street in Williamsburg were actually trying to be portrayed as occuring in Greenpoint in some papers and by some elected officials. People have to understand that there is a tremendous amount of money being invested in sections of Williamsburg south of the bridge that really have no pubic transportation or neighborhood amenities. These developers are well aware of the challenges that the quick access to mass transit and solid neighborhood environment that Greenpoint has pose on their developments created in less attractive areas. And yes, these developers have friends in high places. Connect the dots!
  • city. The rare sarcoma cancer cases that were found on Devoe Street and Grand Street in Williamsburg
    could someone enlighten me on this?
  • I dunno if it's just scare tactics...
    I saw a pretty compelling documentary on PBS about the Newtown Creek, a lot of families that multiple generations in Greenpoint have *alarming* health problems, same with some buildings with lots of longtime (unrelated) inhabitants.

    Facts are facts: a lot of oil and gas has been leaking into the creek and the surrounding soil (Greenpoint) for a long time. And gas contains a lot of bad stuff, like benzene. Nobody's disputing that there is a lot of yuck under Greenpoint--not even the oil companies. The dispute is whether or not this oil plume is completely sealed off by the local geology.

    If it's not completely sealed off (and there is some evidence that it isn't), then the health problems folks are experiencing on certain streets make a lot of sense.

    I certainly wouldn't buy property in Greenpoint.

    But I would and do drink the water. It doesn't come directly from the Greenpoint Ground. It's all part of the same system.
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