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New Vintage Shop on Montrose

Spotted this place on the way home from work tonight..on Montrose around the corner from Khims.......humongous vintage/thrift shop....walked in..they let me check it out even though they were closed.....decent record selection..literally, STUFF everywhere..will be nice to pick through when I have more time...

Anyone been here yet?


  • I walk down that street every day to go to the subway. Are you talking about the last block of Montrose east of Bushwick Ave where it is a two way street?
  • No, it is near the end of the last Montrose block before it hits Bushwick Ave. On the side of the street opposite the side w/ the bakery,dry cleaner,etc...

    The side with the scaffolding up right now on the corner....maybe 2 storefronts down from the corner.

    hours are 11-7.

    I'm gonna hit it up on Saturday....

    And btw I think this might be the same people that run the Vortex shop in Greenpoint.
  • This place just seemed to pop up overnight. I never really noticed renovations or people moving in.
  • Place is pretty cool...scored some good records. It's called The Vortex. They moved from Greenpoint.
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