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Williamsburg Beach Rapists

this a post from a friend, be safe:::

Williamsburg Beach Rapists
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last night, at about 12am, my friend & I were assaulted while exiting the Williamsburg Beach waterfront, at the end of North 7th St & Kent. Two armed men in their 20s jumped us in the large empty lot adjacent to the water, held me down and tried to rape my friend. The only reason we escaped is because of a good citizen. The police came & searched the lot but didn't catch anyone.

Don't go to Williamsburg beach at night. You can get trapped so easily. There's only one exit and the rest is fenced in. These men who attacked us were very dangerous, it seems like they had done this before, they got away, and they'll probably do this again.

If you have any information, contact:
Officer Pasquerelli, 94th Precinct, 718-383-3879

Please be very careful.
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