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Krupa Love grocery

Hi - I am working on a very short documentary about the wonderful people who own this store and its impact on the neighborhood. I am interested in speaking with anyone who has a story to share about these truly lovely people.


  • Me! Pick me! I love these people.
  • Don't you mean 'Ray's and Otto's' (or Otto's and Ray's depending on who you talk to.

    Thank you Love!!
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    Just found the message board. I've been out of the area for a while now. But grew up on 9th avenue. (or PPW)

    The people who own the candy store are the best. These people are hardworking and very friendly. They have been there for a long time. Came in from the bullpen for Ray and Otto. Who recalls the egg creams they used to make there? Marion and the other lady used to make them.

    I would sit at the counter and sip my egg cream with a few of my friends. Otto always wanted you to rush and get out of the store.

    Looking forward to hearing from more people about the avenue!
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    My memory of Ray&Ottos was a little different, having gone to Holy Name School and stopping in to buy candy, Ray would line us up in single file and rush us out of the store.
    I often wondered if she trained the Soup Nazi
  • So did you ever finish this documentary? Can it be viewed online? I'd like to see it.
  • Hello Hamilton!
    What years did you attend Holy Name? I too attended Holy name from 1969 to 1977. I remember Ray & Otto's Candy Store. Red's shoe store was next door to it. I remember Candy World too.
  • I just LOVE this store! It's one of my favorite things about the neighborhood.

    I sent a little anecdote to you via PM.
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