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Holy Name of Jesus

Anyone on this board attend Holy Name back in the day?


  • Hi :) --I went to HN back in the seventies, from 1st to 7th grade. I would've graduated in 1980, but we moved out to LI. When were you there?
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    I attended from 1970-1978.

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    [quote="Old School"]I attended from 1970-1978.

    :shock:[/quote..........................................I attended from 66 to 73 and survived Brother Vincent
  • I'm of the same vintage (grade school 1970-1978) and spent many days in Winsoer Terrace visiting my cousins who attended HN. Anyone remember the Farrell's (Kerry); Cammarano's (Frankie); Burke's (Michael - Now Deceased)?
    My family grew up in the area for several generations, Buckley's, Dillon's, Farrell's, McCarthy's and so on. Attended many a wedding, communion, confirmation, funeral at HN;
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