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Did I overpay for my Windsor Terrace apt?

Hi all,

I bought an apartment on Prospect Park South West a little under two years ago. I won't say where, but it's between 9th and 10th Avenue.

It's a small 2 bedroom, or large 1 bedroom with dining room. EIK, 4th floor, about 700 sq. I don't face the park. I face SW. So I get killer sunsets.

I bought for a shade under $400,000.

There's more to this, like laundry in the building, my own storage unit, 1/2 block to the F, low maintenance. I could get more specific, but general estimates should be fine for this conversation.

So, I've been thinking lately as I continually renovate the dang place. Did I overpay? Did I meet normal rates? Or did I underpay?

Feel free to share your thoughts.



  • Sounds like a good deal to me!

    New construction or old? At $330 sq. ft, that's a steal around here...even if it was a fixer-upper.
  • Overpay? My man, you are in the best section of Brooklyn! Live it up and enjoy. Grab some java from Connecticut Muffin!
  • three years ago I sold my one bedroom on PPSW for $360 and realized when I had two offers the first day it was on the market, I could have priced it higher. saw the lady who bought it a year later and she told me the same apt line had sales in the $430-$450 range depending on location (front/back of building) and kitchen upgrade. Hang on to that one. I think you got a deal. I probably couldn't afford to move back into my old building now, lol!
  • I think you did fine. Go to nyc.gov/acris and see what other apts in your buildng are selling for
  • Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the comments.

    My wife and I are waiting for our tax return to upgrade the kitchen (any kitchen contractors you'd recommend?).

    We're adding a stained glass transom above the double doors that lead from the living room to the bedroom. Hopefully, that will also help keep the value of the apartment up.

    See you all at DUB!
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