police action at Windsor Pl F train entrance — Brooklynian

police action at Windsor Pl F train entrance

Does anyone know what happened at the subway entrance at Windsor and Howard Place?

I didn't have time to inquire but I saw 2 police cars out front and yellow tape around the entrance.


  • I saw that too at around 10:15. I was in my car, so I didn't get any info. The station was taped up, 2 cop cars, a photographer.....

    Nothing on Gothamist
  • I was walking to the F train around 8am this morning and a man passed me and said "go to the next entrance over. Someone was stabbed and this entrance is closed off." I walked by and there were a handful of cops and an ambulance. No one was moving too fast, so it didn't seem to be dire.... but scary nonetheless.
  • i was there at 7:15 this morning. the police and EMTs were there, but the victim was already dead and covered over with a blanket. they hadn't closed the entrance at that point in time.
  • shit....I haven't seen anything on this...checked NY1.com and Gothamist.

    Anybody have any more info? I'm at this stop all the time
  • Subject: f train

    According to a report posted in today N.Y. POST, the body of Ramames Arias age 65 was found by two transit officers and there were no signs of trauma. The detectives are waiting for the M.E. office's autopsy results
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