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****Community Meeting****

There will be a community meeting on Nov 20th at 6:30 at Holy Names Shepherds Hall.[PPW and Prospect Ave]
The 72nd and 78th Pct will be there to address neighborhood problems.
This is an opportunity to voice your concerns .
Try to attend and bring a neighbor


  • hubby and i will do our best to be there
  • Did anyone go to this? Unfort, I didn't get home in time.
  • I was there.

    There was a big table full of people from Ocean Parkway - the apartments right near Commerce Bank on PPSW. They've been having burglaries, graffitti, suspicious activity/people in the basement. Burglar knocks loudly on the door, and when they get no answer, they access apartments via roof/fire escape

    Some of that discussion was useful, but the group went on and on and talked amongst themselves so much that they had to be "shhh" ed a few times.

    Some cars keyed on 10th Ave

    Bike stolen on 16th St, along with a man looking thru the windows at one house.

    Discussion of speeding by MTA buses down PPSW

    Bartel Pritchard Square traffic onto 15th St (my question)

    There's going to be a homeless outreach program starting next week to try to alleviate some of the people sleeping in the park and panhandling. They can't actually do much until the weather is below freezing to get people off the street.

    They asked that any questions related to drug activity be addressed off-line to protect from retaliation.
  • perfect summary, flexi!

    i was there, too. i'd never been to one of these meetings before and was actually surprised at the number of policemen there, as well as the red hook courts, ADA's office, and a rep from Tom Brennan's office. i was kind of impressed, actually.
  • Subject: meeting

    This meeting probably had a smaller then the usual turnout due to Thanksgiving week and not that many fliers being distributed.

    Future meetings will present.....

    Council Members.
    Community Board 7.
    Jim Brennen Assemblyman.
    Sanitation and Transit Managers.

    Monthly meetings will start after the Holidays.

    I'll post the dates when notified of pending meetings

    Bring your neighbors and let your concerns be known
  • Hey there,

    Are there any more community meetings coming up?

    I just read that CB7 is having one at Grand Prospect Hall on Jan 10, but is that something separate?
  • Subject: Jan 10th Community Board 7 meeting at Grand Prospect Hall

    There is a posting in the Greenwood Heights/Sunset Park Forum.
    "Lots Of Pedestrian Problems" it has a posting by Lostingreenwoodhts
    that list meeting schedules and Phone # to contact members of the Board
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