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Thinking about moving to PH — Brooklynian

Thinking about moving to PH

edited November -1 in Prospect Heights
I saw a place near Dean & Underhill... I am not very familiar with the PH neighboorhood. Any thoughts on this location? Is it safe? Is it up & coming?

Thanks for your thoughts!


  • I happen to live on Underhill between Dean and Bergen and I just LOVE it. My husband grew up on this block (I grew up on Wyckoff and Bond) and it has come a LONG way since they moved their 30+ years ago. (Can you imagine my mother-in-law paid $7,500 for her house?). We bought our house about a year ago and since then we have not seen any crime occuring or heard of any nearby. The bar can get a little noisy in the nice weather but nothing too bad. We really wanted our son to grow up in a very diverse neighborhood and this really fits the bill :)

    Let me know if you decide to move there. We usually sit on our stoop in the nice weather and have "cocktails" and we would love for you to stop by and join us. You would be amazed how many of my neighbors I met this way.

    Best of luck

  • Subject: prospect place

    i am also thinking of moving to the neighborhood. prospect between vanderbilt and underhill. everywhere, ground floor apts are more prone to break-ins, just easier to get to. anyone know if that has been an issue at all in that area?
  • We live in a three story brick and have a garden tenant and he has NEVER had a problem. We have the typical iron gates on his window and he has double doors. I also have great neighbors. We all look out for each other.

    I would never move back to Park Slope. I LOVE PH.
  • When the weather gets warmer I'll be sitting in front of my place on Underhill with my daughter making sure that the stoop doesn't fly away.

    I'm between St. Marks and Underhill, ground floor with no problems. *Knocking on wood to appease the fates*
  • Subject: prospect heights

    My husband and I are also looking at a place on Underhill and Dean. Does anyone know anything about services (cafe, grocery, pharmacy, restaurants) in the area?

    Also, is there a good daycare/pre-school?
  • Hey sluna -
    You'll probably want to walk down to Vanderbilt b/t Prospect and Park for the MetFoods grocery, which is fabulous. If you walk over to Flatbush, you can find Natural Land b/t 7th and Sterling, the organic/asian/fish market that is even more fabulous. There's also a Key Food across from Natural Land, and the Duane Reade and Kings Pharmacy in that area.

    Lots of restaurants in PH that you'll find discussed on this forum - like Beast, Le Gamin, Half, Amorina, etc, etc....overall, a pretty convenient place to live!