NYC pays out big $$ for NYPD suits: do they learn anything? — Brooklynian

NYC pays out big $$ for NYPD suits: do they learn anything?

WNYC Reporter Bob Hennelly did an interesting piece this am on the thousands of cash settlements the city makes every year to settle lawsuits against the NYPD . . . he compares it with a program in Los Angeles where the PD uses that info to make their policing better and less liable . . . which all seems germaine to the many policing topics of this board.

There's a longer piece on the topic later today
The Brian Lehrer Show

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Since 2002, New York City has paid $500 million to settle civil claims against the NYPD. We’ll examine those payouts and see if any policies change after cops are found liable.


  • I just listened to the whole thing. The city won't even look at lawsuits and payouts as symptomatic of the problem. The lady in charge of overseeing the NYPD sounded like a real dweeb, pointing out that the NYPD has all these procedures and the IAB blah blah blah. If this stuff WORKED, ya wouldn't be paying out upwards of $100,000,000 on a yearly basis!

    And just *maybe* if police procedures and training was revamped so the city wouldn't have to pay out so much money, there just *might* be enough money to raise criminally low police salaries, huh?

    Anyone else see the connection?
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