Does an airwasher work well enough for cat allergic guests? — Brooklynian

Does an airwasher work well enough for cat allergic guests?

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A recent thread about stale air found much enthusiasm for Venta Airwasher.
How well does this thing work? Like . . . if your friend is allergic to pets, can she come over now?
I have one super allergic friend who suffers through my dog house, and can't spend much time at all where there are cats. This thing is expensive, but we all like her alot so if it works really really well... :D


  • Good question... I dunno. I don't have allergies and my wife no longer shows symptoms, but she attributes that to dietary changes more than anything else.

    The Venta certainly helps with that pet smell...
  • yeah, i'm not sure about this one either. no pets here, but it does an amazing job with dust, which i would imagine is similar to pet dander.

    does wonders with smoke also.

    it's nice because it moisturizes the air while cleaning it so it really just does a great job of freshening the air while taking out a lot of the bad stuff.

    no more dry throats in the morning. and i dust maybe once a month.

    if that.

    and you know if you live in a brownstone, that this is saying something. the place used to need cleaning every 3 days pre-venta.
  • you dust?
    I should totally dust, and I don't.

    Thx guys . . . guess I'll see if anyone else has actually successfully used this thing for pet-abatement at the level of allergies.
  • I just asked my wife directly - she said that when we first got it, it was a noticeable improvement, but that it didn't get rid of her symptoms completely. Frankly, I think that the one we have is a little small for the space, and all this talk is making me consider a second Venta for the living room/dining room/kitchen area... but that would mean either the $300 or $400 one... although I DO have a 20% off coupon for any single item from Bed, Bath & Beyond... decisions, decisions...
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