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Pediatrician recommendation?

I had a post in the Park Slope board asking for pediatrician recommendations... I got some great recommendations, but am now moving to South Slope/Windsor Terrace. Can anyone recommend some good pediatricians in the area?



  • People usually keep their same pediatrician when moving to South Slope /Windsor Terrace. You are moving 1/4 mile away, not to Wisconsin. Seriously, most of the pediatricians are in center and north slope. You either take the bus, walk drive.
  • I ask only bc I don't yet have a pediatrician; we're expecting. I'd rather find someone good in the immediate neighborhood than have to schlep up to North Slope with 2 sick kids.
  • Twins?
    I don't know anyone who uses a pediatrician that isn't either in center slope, North Slope or Grand Army Plaza. It is a pain in the $#@ when you have sick kids but you do get used to it. What you want more then convenience is a good pediatrician who is a good diagnostician and has admitting privileges to a good hospital (god forbid you have to go to the ER, you want to go to an ER where your doctor is on staff if possible) Usually you are there mostly for well visits and the occasional ear ache. But you should post on the Park Slope Parents Board or if you are expecting twins BBPTOC as others might know of a good doctor over here.
  • 8thandPrez wrote: I'd rather find someone good in the immediate neighborhood than have to schlep up to North Slope with 2 sick kids.
    If you can find someone close, that's great. BUT if you already have a good recommendation and you've met and like a doctor go with that doc even if they're not as close as you would like. Good drs are so hard to find.

    I'm a twin and every time sis and/or I were/was ill or needed a checkup/vaccination my mom dragged us from 35 and the east side all the way to the Central Park West. Most of the time it was in a taxi and those taxi rides weren't always fun for us sickly ones. But what can you do?

    It's sort of a pain in the rumpuss especially if one of the kids is ailing but it can be done if it must be done.

    Don't pass up on what sounds like a good doctor to save a few blocks.
  • Thanks for the advice. We're interviewing pediatricians after the new year, so we'll definitely keep the North Slope doctors in the mix.
  • Dr. Stephen Ajl

    but he's not Windsor Terrace
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