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exterminator help please!!

Hey y'all,

I am in *desperate* need of an exterminator who can deal with roaches. Of course my management company should be dealing with this, but 4 months of asking has gotten me nowhere. I'm at the end of my rope. I've searched the site, but haven't found any solid leads.. there's talk of a Ben, but no listing info..

Thank you!


  • i hate our exterminator; i suggest hermetically sealing your apartment with caulk.
  • I use Tonto Pest Control LLC - www.tontopc.com
    1072 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY - (718) 336-7450

    I have used them for a few years for my house and business and have been happy with the service.
  • Have no fear - I have Ben's number!

    Superior Pest Elimination

    I don't know if you have to request him, I think I got him because I'm on his 'beat' - but ask anyway.

    He'll knock them out proper for you. Hold on tight :)
  • The sealing advice is correct.

    In an apartment, its not just your apartment you have to worry about, but your neighbors as well. When I lived in a place with roaches, this is what I did BEFORE calling the exterminator and It did help:

    First the obvious:

    1. Of course, clean food areas regularly on the counter and sink - keep area as dry, I also used a little ammonia (not too much) with water and soap as a disinfectant. Never leave ANY crumbs or plates with food out or dirty dishes in the sink.

    2. Keep a trash can with a sealed LID in the kitchen and empty trash nightly/ daily.

    But more importantly:

    3. Go to Home depot/ Lowes and get an expanding foam sealant with an extension straw nozzle and constantly walk around your place sealing ANY potential pest portals.

    Pull your stove away from the wall and see where the gas pipe comes in at the wall. Seal the hole around the pipe with hardening sealer foam or duct tape.

    When an exterminator sprays, he does kill many of the bugs and prevents them from breeding sometimes. But these suckers are survivors and mostly RUN to a safe spot and transform again and return. All wall penetrations need to be sealed as best as possible. Look under your bathroom and kitchen sink for the holes around the water pipes and duct tape the extra room around the penetration. Caulk/ seal around all floor wall connections or any holes in your wood floor. Make sure you Check in closets.

    4. Buy an under counter linear T8 fluorescent light for your kitchen. Leave this light ON at night all night - never let your kitchen get dark; they are creatures of the night and hate the light. Usually and will refrain from coming out as often because the light is on. Fluorescent uses very little energy and it will help you see and clean better.

    5. Talk to your neighbors ( below and next door). Ask them to do the same or at least ask them to have their apartments sprayed as well when you have yours done.

    6. Get additional follow up exterminator visits over the next few months Have them more frequently in the beginning.

    Also, I have found that since these bugs eventually become immune to everything, sticky traps behind and below the refrigerator and stove and in the cabinets are the BEST. That can become immune to getting stuck.
    Remember, the cleaning really is critical - sweeping too-and getting rid of ALL crumbs and food after preparing meals.

    Your apartment will only be as roach free as your neighbors.
    If you see one, there are MANY you don't see.
  • the mere fact that i commented on this thread gave me a nightmare where my closet was filled with swarming roaches. nice.

  • Questions about caulk.

    I know it says "This video is no longer available" but it is. Just click on it.
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